Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Hello Everyone! Ive been playing guitar for about 15 years as a hobby mainly so Im excited to join this course.
My favorite music varies a lot but includes Metal, Synthwave and Latin Jazz.
For pieces of gear i have a fender MIM Strat, an Orange combo amp and a Fender Pugilist distortion pedal.


Hi everyone! My name’s Daniele, from Italy. I started playing guitar when I was 18 (I’m 42 now)…starting with the classics…Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Clapton, all the stuff I could cover with my friends…After some time I discovered jazz guitar, especially people like Joe Pass, Kenny Burrell, Wes, and nothing has been the same. I was studying really hard, but unfortunately the more I studied, the more I was feeling unable to play like those jazz guys. I was feeling frustrated, and I quit. I gave up playing for more than 10 years. This summer I felt a really deep feeling about returning to play…I discovered on internet this beautiful ESP/LTD GH-600, and this is the most sexyest thing I ever seen in my life. I decided I had to have it. And everything happened again. It’s true, whatever you do, wherever you go, music will always be there, just waiting for you to be played. I feel honored to be part of this community, I’m sure it will be a lot of fun. Thanks Kiko for this course. Now let’s start :slight_smile:


Hello to all ! I listen to an eclectic buffet of guitar music :grinning: I have been mostly a blues/rock player with some band experience and am always looking for ways to improve my playing and understanding of the guitar. This often requires a dive into unfamiliar waters and that’s why I joined.

I’m part of the Linux opensource software community and use programs like Ardour and Hydrogen drum machine for my home recording projects.



My name is Ross and I live in California but originally from the UK. Favorite music is definitely metal (the first real US metal I ever saw was when Metallica opened at Wembley for the Freddie Mercury tribute concert at Wembley that I watch on y TV (12" TV in the UK). They blew my mind away that’s for sure.

Started this guitar journey back in 2007 and got a strat with a small roland amp. Then started taking lessons and have been with my current instructor for approx 11 years. Now have 2 les pauls and a few amps (marshall). I made a decision this year during the pandemic to really try and focus my time on leaning guitar (I really never took or made the time available for practicing) and already have seen big differences. I just need more patience !

I am really looking forward to this forum and teaching and hope to gain a lot from it.




My name is Bryan and I am currently based in the UK
I’ve been following Kiko for years now and he is one of my favorite guitar hero

I usually listen to metal and instrumental music but I also listen to other stuff as long as I find it musical and easy to listen to

My favorite guitar is the one I currently have with me an Ibanez MTM2. I don’t have a favorite amp mostly because I don’t own one but I do have amp modelers and a frfr speaker. My main rig (although I am just a bedroom guitarist) is a Pod HD500x with a Mooer Radar. For practice I use the spark amp and recording a mixture of Bias fx2 and the Pod

Something people don’t know about me is I love guitars and metal music and some people are getting amused when they ask me about my musical preferences because I don’t look like a metal head

Rock on and hopefully I’ll be able to advance my guitar playing with the help of Kiko and all of you


Hello everyone,
Thank you for the welcome, I like most music with guitar. Although I’m a metal head at heart though. I would say Megadeth, Ozzy/Randy Rhoads are usually on a steady rotation for listening to music, along with many others. I don’t watch much tv but always have music going. For a list of gear I have a lot, I worked on Drilling Rigs in the Oilfield for 20 years which gave me the funds to buy some great stuff. I have 10 guitars, ESP, Jackson,Dean,EVH and 4 tube amps KSR, Marshall, Engl and Randall. I was blown away hearing Kiko’s playing, Conquer or Die sounds incredible every time I hear it. I have been a big Dave Mustaine fan since I was a teenager. Looking forward to learning from Kiko, Have a good day everyone.


20 years as an oil rigger? Man, I bet you have some wild stories! Welcome to the community.


Thanks man, yes it was a crazy time


Hi everyone!

My name’s Vlad. I’m from Australia, living in Japan. Looking forward to seeing how far I can take my playing this year! My wife recently started playing, too. Merry Christmas and happy new year!


Welcome @ross.lakin, @hezetabry, @scottsinclair70, @cheburashka92! That’s a great Xmas gift you got for yourself here :christmas_tree:


Thanks, yes it is :sunglasses::metal::christmas_tree:

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Hello from Canada! I’m 60, retired, and looking to play guitar as my primary hobby. Have been messing around for a couple of years but not much progress. I love most types of music and many songs remind me of specific life experiences (everything is better with music!) I always seem to gravitate to blues-rock, rock and blues. Love the late 60’s 70’s but there’s a ton of current music that’s great too!
I’ve treated myself to a Mezzabarba Z18 amp and an Ibanez Premium AZ224-BTB. Have a Truetone Jekyll & Hyde on the way.
Trivia - I coached minor football for about 10 years after high school. Such fun watching kids develop as players and individuals.
Excited to get going and build a solid practice routine that will develop the skills I need to play the music I love.


Welcome to the community! I think you’ll be right at home here.


My name is Adam, currently residing in Athens, Georgia.

Have had a guitar since highschool, but haven’t practiced diligently in years. Over the last year I’ve found myself putting in more hours, so trying out various courses online to see what I like. I recently discovered Kiko’s stuff and, finding him both humble and very talented, wanted to check out his method.

My fav. gear:

  • An Ibanez RG470 (my first guitar), recently updated with a SD SH-2 Jazz in the neck and SH-4 in the bridge, with an Yngwie STK-S10 YJM Fury single coil in the middle…just because.

  • An Ibanez 540P2 (the “Skolnick” guitar from the early 90s)

  • A Carvin bolt kit guitar that I built back in HS

Some trivia: I have a twin brother. But he’s not into Megadeth so he doesn’t count.


A heavy new year everyone!

My name is Martin, 33, from Frankfurt, Germany.
I started playing guitar when i was 12. The first 4-5 years i learned classical guitar from a private teacher and parallel at the same time i am self-taught in e-guitar and it’s techniques.
Inspired by my favourite bands Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, Testament…
I like every style of music as long as it sounds cool to me and has big ballz.

My equipment is a LTD EX-400 (set-neck) in olympic white and a LTD M-300FM in see-thru black cherry (neck-thru).
Amps are Marshall JVM 410h (stage) and Blackstar fly 3 BT (front of tv noodling).

I played in a Metal Band called “Rapid Fire” but we had our best days in 2013…
Nowadays i have my problems with straight practice discipline but i love noodling when i feel like.
I hope to solve my practice problems and want to be a better guitarist.
I had Covid19 in october and i am still struggling with some problems but i think the guitar is a good therapy and deflection.

Thank you Kiko for this cool guitar community!


Hi Moreno, welcome to this community. Sorry to hear about catching covid. Hope you are finding this course to be a great way to grow your skills as I have.

Hi Adam, welcome to the community. Like you I also have the YJM pickup. I quickly replaced the Texas strat pickups with them :slight_smile:

Hi Guys

New to the community, going through the 7 Modes course. Excited to try it out!

I have been playing guitar for about 15ish years and play in a hard rock band called “Stands on Sapphires”. I obviously love Rock and Metal but also really enjoy Funk and Flamenco and try to incorporate that where I can. Especially funk, every song needs a groove haha

My three favorite pieces of gear are my Kiesel Zeus, Strandberg Boden OS6, and my Neural DSP plugins (Plini, Nolly, and Abasi) although this will soon change as I have a Quad Cortex on order as a Tier 1 pre-order and am patiently waiting for it to arrive :slight_smile:

For trivia, I’m a huge fan of all things Japan. I’m slowly learning the language and love the culture, food, anime, games, basically just everything haha. jRock is actually another genre that has a big influence on me as well.

Can’t wait to get started on the course, cheers!

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