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My name is Marc Hanson and I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah.

I love prog-metal, death metal and thrash, but at the end of the day, my heart belongs to 80s style hard rock/hair metal. Outside of metal I listen to jazz, 70s R&B/funk and a little bit of power-pop.

My current gear is a Legator Jon Donais signature plugged into Guitar Rig 5. I recently purchased a Boss Katana mini, which I love because I can take it to the park and practice.

Something people may not know about me is: I was in a funk metal band over 20 years ago that won radio contest and got to open for Blue Oyster Cult and Bad Company. Yep, that was my music pinnacle.

Looking forward to hanging out here with all of you.



Hi Guitar Hacks members! My name is Giorgio and I am from Berkeley, California but originally from France. Thanks Jono for helping us get this community rolling!

I listen to all kinds of metal but the two bands that always top the most played stats on my music player are Dream Theater and Gojira.

I’d say I was heavily influenced by dream theater since I was 15, exchanging CDs with friends at school and trying to play whatever riff I could transcribe or find in our local guitar magazines! I love Gojira too. Although they’re very different in style, I guess the raw nature of their music gets me inspired. When nobody is around I listen to Cannibal Corpse, Black Label Society, and a lot more obscure stuff.

Angra has also always been part of my musical journey but for some reason, I really enjoy the music but did not try to play it myself.

My top 3 pieces of gear: well, I have too much guitars but I would say my white Kiesel Osiris 6 strings, Peavey 5150 II and oversized Mesa 4x12 Cabinet. Not need for any pedals, just plugged in direct :slight_smile:

Something people may not know about me is: I used to have long hair and play in metal bands even though my hair is naturally curly so I did a lot of damage to my scalp with chemical products when I was younger…


My Name is Robert, from Los Angeles. Been noodling on guitar for a long time. Just now starting to understand how to practice though. I think finally starting to train at a gym has taught me the power of habitual routine and consistency. There is a lot of parallels between the two.

Listen to mostly metal. Power, death, black, etc. Been listening to Angra for 20 years. Lately gotten into a lot of gypsy jazz and fusion as well. Favorite players are Kiko, Yngwie, Michael Schenker, Guthrie, Warren DeMartini, George Lynch, and Michael Romeo.

My main rig right now is a Charvel DK24, EVH 5153 50w with a mesa 2x12 recto cab.

I’m having a hard time thinking of something interesting about me, so I will edit if I can come up with something, lol.


Hey, welcome Robert! I agree on the parallel with the gym, I’ve been doing strength training for a long time, with methods like 5/3/1 or Stronglift and the similarities are unreal. Actually Kiko told me he read a basketball book from one of the legends that also really focused on routine, repetition and consistency.


My name is Alan Woodward and I live in NW Arkansas but spent the first 30 years in NE Oregon.

My favorite music is almost anything heavy with guitar and either instrumental or understandable vocals. Bands I typically listen to are Megadeth, Metallica, In Flames, The Haunted, Disturbed, Korn, Trivium, Gojira, etc. For guitar playing influence, I am inspired by Kiko, Marty, Becker, Loomis, and Satriani.

My current top pieces of gear: PRS Custom 24, Mesa Boogie Mark IV, Boogie 2x12 Recto-Cab., Boss Katana 1x12 combo. Impatiently waiting for the Neural DSP Quad Cortex preorders…!

I am married with three boys under 7 years old. We all have guitars. While under quarantine, some of our favorite date nights is everyone grabbing an instrument and rocking out. They have an Amazon Echo in their room and I am always hearing them say hey Alexia play Megadeth… they know “Peace Sells…” well since it is the first song that comes on. Another hit is “Rock you like a Hurricane” by Scorpions. My youngest tries hard to get Baby Shark to come on using his toddler talk.

I’m happy to have found Guitar Hacks (Thanks Kiko). It has changed my way of approaching practicing where I now focus on the techniques and have gained confidence. The journey has been fun!


Hi everyone! I’m David, I’m 49 years old and first starting playing when I was 12. Something bad happened when I was 23 that turned me off on music which and as a result I quit playing for over 20 years. This is something I regret but I don’t have a redo button. For the last couple years I have been playing again and trying to get some of the skill I once had back, I will likely never be as good as I once was but I’m having fun with music again and that’s what is important.

My favorite music is old school thrash… Megadeth, Metallica, etc. I love Randy Rhoads, I spent most of my teen years tucked away in my room learning every lick I could. Beyond that I have a lot of influences and music I love.

As for gear, I have around 27 guitars from several different manufacturers and I love them all. My favorites are probably my ESP Eii guitars, PRS, and of course my Gibson Les Paul. As for amps, I have a Laney IronHeart irt60 2x12 that I love. I also have a Positive grid mini head that I run through a Marshall cab with eminence spesakers… it sounds fantastic. I also have a Carvin x100b head and Carvin 4x12 cab that I’ve had since the 80’s that is great for when I want to jam out on some hair metal.

When I’m not playing guitar I have a love for cars, fast ones. I have a 2011 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 that is putting down over 800 horsepower.


Hi everyone Nice to meet you !! Im happy to be part of your community.

I m from france, I started guitar when i was 13-14years old and one of the biggest inspiration for me was bands like angra :heart_eyes: ! I love heavy metal, metal and hard rock in general, guitar players as vai, petrucci… and also lots of different music style, I love music that makes my heart beat !

I stop my guitar practice for about 10years to start the bass and the piano in 2 bands. And in fact dont really improve my practise because of life, family, my previous job… (that i also love!) Now i have the chance to be a (modest) music teacher since september and spend all my time in improving my music practice :slight_smile:

Im 30 years old this year and Kiko s courses are one of the gift I allow to myself (with personal courses with amazing Pascal Vigne) and i m really decided to offer me time to improve my guitar practice and realize my teenage dreams :metal::guitar:

I dont have lots of gear for now i m playing with guitar peavey EVH
Im searching for a new amp (still hesitate)
And i have kiko s n.i.g. signature distortion :hugs:

I love Kiko, his music, his musical approach, his sensibility, thanks a lot for everything you share to us !

See you soon friends
(Sorry for my approximative english :rofl:)


Hi everyone. I’m Brian. I pretty much like all styles of music.

I play a Squire Strat through a Digitech Board.

I also play some drums.

Why learn to play songs when you can learn to play guitar !!!

Rock on!!!:metal:t2:


Welcome Caroline and thanks again for your interview! https://www.guitarhacks.com/guitar-hackers-spotlight-caroline-van-roos
Do you teach Piano and bass as well?

For gear, have you looked at the Boss Katana series?

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Hi Brian, welcome to the forum!

Dont have any regrets, thats life, you can be proud of you to pick-up the guitar again ! And maybe now youre playing with much more enthousiasm and passion !
Wow 27 guitars amazing! Maybe you can make a post to introduce some of them ?


Thanks for interested in me !! Yes I teach also piano, I have mostly children which I hope I pass on
this passion for music, being creative and express themselves !


Hello everybody, nice to meet you guys. I am excited to be part of this forum.
I live in Beaumont, California and I have been playing guitar for over 40 years.

I grew up in Palm Springs and all my friends were into bands like Zeppelin, Santana, Angel, Boston, Judas Priest, Van Halen, and Scorpions. In the 80’s I moved to LA and was in a couple of metal bands influenced by Armored Saint, Metallica, Megadeth, and Dio. In the 90’s I got into bands like Dream Theater and Fates Warning. Today I listen to all kinds of metal and Latin music.

I’ve owned Washburn guitars, but my choice guitars today are ESP LTD’s and Schecter guitars for their fast necks and cool electronics. My amps are Diezel 100 watts with midi in/out and I use a TC Electronics M350 effects rack and a George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah pedal.

Something people may not know about me is: I have a green thumb for landscaping :palm_tree: because my Dad was a gardener, and I enjoy pruning trees and keeping my yard looking good. I also love to travel when I can. Kiko has inspired me to be a better musician by nurturing my skills. :guitar:


Hi everyone! Great that we now have a forum on this page!
My name is Arjan, I’m 42 years old, live in Noordwijk, a place by the sea, in Holland and have been playing guitar for over 30 years. Although I gravitate towards heavy music, I love all kinds of music as long as it has that special something that touches you. For this reason I love doing as many different kind of projects as I can. Playing other instruments like keys, bass, mandolin an banjo aswell. This really helps you to broaden your horizon and find your place in a band as a guitarist. Gearwise my Ibanez RG1070FM is probably my go to guitar, but depending on the gig, I will use the guitar that is most suitable for the job. Same ampwise. Live mostly Marshalls and Fenders. During this lockdown period the STL Andy James tonehub plugin is pretty much all I use. Great tones and ready to go, when you start up your pc. Love to learn as much about playing music as I can and Guitarhacks has proven to be the perfect tool to aply to all methods. Amazing how Kiko invest his time and talent to inspire so many people to be better. Greets!



I am from France and more precisely from Paris.
I am 38 years old and I have been playing guitar for over 10 years.

I already have some small concerts to my credit and is played in several groups.

I work today on an instrumental EP (which is very complicated for me in terms of focus and inspiration, it pushes me to my limits because I was constantly working on my technique by sacrificing musicality. Especially with a child and a job besides it adds difficulties lol !!).

I play on a Vigier excalibur original guitar with a modelisation line 6 xpod 3 pro.

My influences are very diverse and include rock, heavy, metal and all other styles that inspire me. My inspiring guitarists are of course Kiko but also Andy Timmons, Neil Zaza or even Marco Sfogli and many others.


Hello everyone!

My name is Miles. I’m 25, live in New Jersey, and work in NYC. I took guitar lessons from ages 8-18 until I left for college. I never stopped playing but I haven’t been back in a deliberate practice routine since. Thanks to Guitar Hacks plus the quarantine, I haven’t put the guitar down!

Love the majority of thrash bands and I’ve always admired the shredders, most notably Buckethead. I’ve seen him 5 times so far.

I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know of Kiko or Angra until the Dystopia album. Luckily, I got to see him play with Megadeth back in 2016 at Terminal 5 in New York. I was blown away!

My top 3 pieces of gear would probably be my Gibson Explorer Blackout, Martin D-18, and Gibson standard SG.

A piece of trivia: I hold the world record for “Fastest 400 meters on spring loaded stilts”


Hi Arnaud, welcome and thanks for the video you uploaded already!

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Hi Miles! Thanks for introducing yourself!

I had to lookup spring loaded stilts :slight_smile: I had never heard of that before! Looks sick :+1:
So how fast is that world record?