What are you working on Learning?

Along with working on the practice routines and further studying music theory, I’m also working on learning several songs. Angry Again and A Tout Le Monde by Megadeth, and Aces High by Iron Maiden to record as covers along with learning Always with Me, Always with You by Satriani. As if that’s not enough I’m working on getting Holy Wars… The Punishment Due up to speed. I’m not quite there on some parts of it.
Not sure when I will get this all accomplished but it’s what I’m actively working on.

What song(s) are you working on?


I’m working on my own music. It’s really frustrating to arrange your own music cause sometime we missed the entire process of making new arrangement when learning song from other bands.


Hey @theherd!
You got quite some work on the table! :smiley:

Practicing my songs - finally found fellow musicians to perform them with. Now I practice in hopes to get some gigs next year!

Besides: Solo of Symphony of Destruction and the final chapter of the Crossroads Guitar Duel from the movie. Tears In The Rain on the acoustic (Satriani), Lagrima and my acoustic set (about one and a half hour western guitar and vocals) with covers.

Most of the stuff is just songs I need to keep fluid, takes time though…


I’m working on the solo to “Goin Crazy” by David Lee Roth. Outside of that I spend a lot of time time trying to write original songs – it’s rough going!


Hi @tark2112, I know what you mean!

Songwriting is hard in the beginning. When I started, I thought, I was not able to do it.

What helped me was creating a ritual to generate an atmosphere suitable for songwriting! Nothing esoterical!

Well, I was 15 or so and it may be that this example is not fitting for you. But I thought: I will sit down at my desk late at night, warm light around me, a cup of cappucino, a candle (don’t laugh) and then I will just write, what comes to my mind.

And it worked!

Later I repeated that a few times until I had the confidence that I was actually able to write songs. I never needed that ritual again and can write songs anytime, anywhere. Same for lyrics.

So I’d say it is just a matter of confidence. Don’t restrict yourself by thinking about what others would like or not. Write your own songs in your own style. And be aware, that the first songs will likely be no masterpieces. They are for you, for learning. So: No pressure! Just create!

Might be a good new topic?! @Giorgio, what would you think? Songwriting?


@nilsrocks you mean a new topic in the forum? I think that’s a great idea, I am going to create it.

There it is, part of the discussion category: https://hackers.guitarhacks.com/c/member-discussion/song-writing/10


Hi @theherd! You have great material to work on!

I’m actually used the structure of Kiko’s method to make a routine to learning/practice solos that I alternate with the course’s videos.

I recently ended Enter Sandman (although I still have to practice), and practicing mainly Sweet Child o Mine and Symphony of Destruction. Also practicing I’m Alive by Helloween, as some parts sound dirty when I play it; and a part of The Trooper that I’ve never play right on tempo. This week I will start with Rainbow in the Dark solo too.


You’ve got some great stuff going too! I love the early Dio solo albums, i think they are Vivian Campbell’s best work.

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Nice, you’ve got some really cool stuff going on too. Im glad im not the only one that tries to tackle multiple things at the same time.

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Great question! I am currently working on Sad But True by Metallica:

I feel ya! I have been working on four new songs, and working by myself can feel like I am in an echo chamber!


Yes! It’s a great solo and really fun to play too, I learned the song last year, but I only learned the different sections of the solos (scales and main notes), and improvise over that when y play it, but now I’m aiming for an accurate version :smiley:


My friends and i are currently recording a cover of sad but true. Its not finished but I’ve did my part which was just lay down a rhythm track on it. Its a fun song.

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I really wish I had time and space for that.

Right now my GF is doing home office because of the actual global situation. So she is using our desk in the mornings, when I have a little bit time off.

She lets me take the space for one hour and a half so I can do my practice routine.

I can’t even add Kiko’s lessons right now since I’m focusing on getting the parts for my bands music right.

Last songs I was learning were Yellow Ledbetter from Pearl Jam and Marie Had a Little Lamb from Stevie Ray Vaughn. And I already forgot most of the parts from them.

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Here are some nice ideas thanks you guys!
I’m working on john petrucci glasgow kiss (2first minutes)
And holy wars… :smile:

Holy wars is next for me, I am working on tornado of souls at the moment and on Gravity Storm (Vai)


I’m working on a song by Andy Gillion called Leaving the World Behind, and on Tears of Sahara, by Tony McAlpine :slight_smile:


That is a really fun song to work on. The rhythm behind the vocals is nuts. :slight_smile:


Yeah the verse to holy wars is crazy and the rhythm for the punishment due part is killer

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Well, I’m a little intimidated here seeing those amazing and complex songs you’re working on, but having started to play guitar only since a few months I can only share really basic stuff at the moment, but you have to start somewhere, right? :blush:
I’m currently studying rhythm parts of Highway to hell and Crazy Train. I’m also working on an arrangement of In a sentimental mood: this one is particularly difficult for me because it uses also hybrid picking, so I can add about one measure per week: it will take me some months…