Private Live with Kiko on the road July 25th 2021

Guitar Hackers,

This one is going to be different, Kiko is on the road in the USA so he doesn’t have his usual setup.
So @kiko will be there to chat but no guitar.

Let’s make the best out of it and gear the questions more towards theory, composition, any odd question who never had the courage to ask, stories etc…

The live will be this Sunday, July 25th at 2:00PM EDT (11:00AM PDT, 8:00PM CEST).

Kiko will pick the top 3 or 5 most liked questions in this topic to cover during the live. So ask away!


May be a weird or irrelevant question to this site but how do you find solid players and how can we talk to people who are in our bands who don’t seem to want to continue or in fact begin practicing to sharpen their skills? Thank you.


Hi Kiko qnd everyone!!!

Master, could you teach us how begin to learn a new song to learn it complete!!!



Status of Kiko’s merchandise store. Tried buying some goodies recently (picks, shirt, concert DVD) and got refunded saying store was out of service for now.


Hi Kiko, Hi everyone!!!
I think e have the perfect topic for Kiko on the road!!!

Little time ago we did a collaborative video of us shredding over Kiko s “grey stone” backing track and @milesmcdonald5643 did an amazing job of editing and sinc everything…so now it will be great to have a live reaction and commentary of our contribution from Kiko himself!!!

So here is the link of the video

What do you say my friends

Cheers Claudio

Ps. In case you run short on theory and misic history question kiko can answer without guitar let me know i got plenty​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hi Kiko - when playing notes/solo over any set of chords, how do you make the transition from one chord to the next feel more natural? How do you choose the right note to make the transition from one chord to the next? Appreciate it Kiko and you rock!!



Hi Kiko

Do you ever compose music with your wife? (classical?) will we ever hear?

(my question: if you had a guitar lol - 'Recently I watched a guitar tutor on youtube explain the difference between Minor, Harmonic & Melodic Minor scales - which I understood but then he went through the modes of the harmonic minor. Can you make triads out of any mode/scale?)


there is no irrelevant question… Very good one! I know well the problem :slight_smile:

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I watched it! Amazing!

Thank you so much!!



It’s working!

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Ola Kiko
During an FAQ recently you mentioned that you compose the “traditional” way by starting with Chord Progressions and evolving from there. Could you go into that in a bit more detail? Like do you think modally for example “I’m going to compose a song in Dm going I-IV-vi-V and then create some riffs/lick that fit within that progression”?


when you are connecting different pieces of a song together, you might transition between different keys, or modes, or tempos, are there certain things you do to ensure the transition isn’t too jarring? got example if you are changing to a slower part of a song would you deliberately not change the key at the same time?


Great! Hopefully, you will have some items for sale on the merchandise sales counter at the JP camp next week…I’ll be there. Otherwise, will stock up with a purchase on the web site after return from trip. Please add the White Balance concert DVD to your store catalogue or perhaps add it as a streaming purchase option if DVD production is a hassle these days. Didn’t see it on new store site (was on old store site).

Hi Kiko and community,
Nearly every player I chat is still in search for their “tone”. A common theme is also that some players find a nice tone in the bedroom, but when they play with a band it just doesn’t sound good in the mix. Could you talk about “finding the tone” and maybe give us some tips/tricks and/or share your experience in bringing the tone to the stage/studio?

Looking forward to the return of the backstage series now that you are back on the road!



I was wondering whether you ever rely on “studio magic” when composing? Here’s what I mean: Do you always work out parts till you are almost prefectly satisfied with them on their own? Or do you sometimes think that “Hey, this part is not that strong, but with some effects or whatnot it will fit the song just fine?”


As you are now getting ready for touring again after such a long time and during the current situation we are all in. What are have you been doing to prepare yourself for this and apart from your normal routines what additional things have you had to do or change due to not touring for all this time.


Cool questions!!! Please vote on the 3 most interesting ones

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Hey Kiko!

Here is my question:
How do you keep coming up with new and interesting chord progressions or how do you make simple chord progressions more unique?
Also could you tell us a bit about your favorite chord progressions and where you take your inspiration for chords and progressions from?
Thank you.


I’ve been playing in an Open tuning - do you recommend learning theory in standard first?

I have found that discovering the patterns myself in Open C has me thinking more along the lines of “where is the 4th, ok sharp that for Lydian” vs just memorizing the patterns. BUT since my strings are CGCGCE - there can be some strange stretches and almost not enough variety in where a note lives on the fretboard.

Right now I have a guitar in standard for these lessons with the rest in Open C for composing.

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Hi Hackers, Kiko just told me that he’s quite sick and won’t be able to host the live today. I am sorry for the inconvenience but we have to cancel this one.
We will find another date and I will share as soon as it’s picked.

Hope Kiko feels better soon,