Private Live with Kiko on the road July 25th 2021

Oh, that’s bad! Get well soon, Kiko!

Thanks for your work @Giorgio !

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its ok see you kiko when you can, hope you feel better


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Thanks @Giorgio !!!

No problem at all!! Get well soon @kiko

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thanks @captkeep @nilsrocks, you rock!

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I hope Kiko gets well soon :crossed_fingers:

Get well soon Kiko! We can wait until you’re feeling better. More time to think about questions and vote.

Thanks for understanding!


Hope you feel better soon Kiko…take care and look forward to seeing you on the live q&a shortly…


Hey folks, we have a new date :metal:
Just in between rehearsals and the tour with Megadeth, Kiko can host a live this Monday 16th at 7:30 PM PDT, 10:30 PM EDT.
I know this is going to be in the middle of the night for our European friends, 4:30AM CEST… That’s kind of the reality of being on tour, you have to make do with what’s available :clock430:
This will be recorded for sure so people will be able to replay at a more convenient time :slight_smile:

Questions wise, we will reuse the same questions from this topic since they haven’t been answered yet!

See you there, :guitar:


I forgot to ask this question at the JPGU last month when Kiko was right in front of me, but please discuss some techniques for clean picking (combo of palm muting and left hand finger muting, etc.). Thanks!


Thanks for your work @Giorgio just a small request, can you put the link to the video here as well cause i will be traveling and try to connect with phone and don’t know why doesnt open YouTube from mail. Thanks in advance anyways :metal::sunglasses::metal:

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Great! Thanks Kiko far taking the time during your busy schedule! Always appreciated.


Just a heads up, today we’re going to be on Zoom instead of Youtube. Much more interactive! Please download zoom if you don’t have it yet, link coming shortly.

Zoom link shared via email and also in this page:

Ah, it’s such a bummer that I was unable to be there live… I get up at 4:30 every day, but have to start work at 6 so I figured logging to Zoom call with Kiko and you guys from the “throne room” or from under the shower might not be the best idea…:rofl: I hope we can keep this Zoom format, based on the video it was super fun! Dunno how it could work with a higher number of students, but fingers crossed…


The same here (except the Throne room :smiley: ): quite sad to not be able to participate this time but I hope the next time, we will do it in zoom too.
I watched a part of the video and it’s definitely more interactive and it’s nice to see each other too!!



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