Private Live with Kiko on October 11th

Hi Guitar Hackers, time for our monthly live! This time Kiko will be streaming this Sunday, the 11th at 2PM EST (11AM PST, 8PM CET).

The theme is technique and the video will be recorded and published as a lesson to watch again later or for people who could not attend. We will also welcome a fresh batch of new Guitar Hacks students!

Again, Kiko will pick the top 3 or 5 most liked questions in this topic to cover during the live. So ask away!


Hey @kiko! Since you almost answered this one last time, but the time ran out, I will ask the same thing again…:slight_smile:

Could you show us some technique related excercices that can be done without a guitar in hand? Something that we could do in the office while pretending to work… :rofl:


I am copy/pasting this post from Kiko in the Van Halen thread. This is a great idea.


Hi Kiko,

Can you please tell us more about Rhythm and riffs?

-Saurabh Misal


What is your amplifier of choice on your new Album? For example what amp did you use on Overflow? Do you use Kemper? AXE III? Which do you prefer? Or are you real amp, need knobs guy?

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Hello there, Rythym and Riffs to me is the backbone to constructing lyrics and melodies and bringing them together. You can also think of it as a time signature to a drum beat, the intro to a main riff, chorus or interlude to a song…

I just happen to be a Riff kind of guy and I am now also working on my lead guitar playing skill.

Guitar Hacks is a perfect platform for learning whether your interested in learning covers or composing your own music.

Welcome to the group my friend and I wish you a good experience. Keep on Rocking :love_you_gesture::guitar::notes:

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I wish I could answer that question, cause I would like to know. I personally just use a Marshall JVM tube amp and prefer at least a 12" Celestion type speaker.

I also use in combination a set of Yamaha studio monitors with the sub’s and an old school digitech foot pedal with a Hybrid channel I set up to include a built in 8 track × 8 loop pedal all running through a computer, with recording software.

Now a days you can easily get good sound from almost any set up at a pretty reasonable price. When you have it running through a computer you can also use backing tracks. You can mute out the tracks that you want to play and control the parameters for each track. You certainly have to take some extra time in learning how to set up and use your software but the rewards are great.

Welcome to the group brother! :love_you_gesture::guitar::notes:

How about a lesson on how to construct a chord progression to fit a particular mode


Hi all,

Here are my 2 main questions about technique

  1. stretching & finger independence
  2. hybrid picking. How to create lines/riff/motif using hybrid picking
    The hybrid picking lesson is too limited with only 16th notes lines with the same motif.

Hey there,
When reaching a technical plateau on a phrase would you recommend to keep trying or to switch technique ?
Or when to switch technique ?
Some phrases can be easy to play with a particular technique and nearly impossible with an other (except for some gifted shred freaks!).
Also, what is your take on polyrythms please?



Can you discuss how to cross strings at high speeds (160+) such as when playing an even number of 16th notes on Low E and then have to strike a note on A string with a downstroke?



I would love it if @kiko could discuss the exercises to develop better stretching of fingers. Right now, my fret hand hurts when I play some riffs. In addition to this, would like it if Kiko could throw more light upon posture while playing the guitar, the way to hold the pick when playing fast-paced riffs, the movement of the strumming hand. Sometimes, my strumming hand becomes feels really tense.

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I have two questions about the course…

  1. Is there a minimum of bpm that you have to play the exercises at before you move to the next day?
  2. Once you have learned each exercise of a given phase, can you give up practicing the exercises that are the easiest for you and just focus on the one or two exercises that are difficult for you (for example… In the day one, phase 2 of Alternative picking, is it OK to make a 20 minutes session of just exercises 4 and 6? Or should you always maintain the diversity of all exercises available?)

would love to have some good right and left hand synchronizing exercises! cross strings and string skipping :slight_smile:

Before seeing these responses I also was curious about rhythm.

Hi Kiko, I am interested in your personal approach to use of rhythm in playing and how you approach composition in relation to it. The chord work in Open Source is what comes to mind. Use of clean chords, heavy chunky rhythms, syncopation, odd time…anything there I am curious of. There was so much on that CD to listen to. The chords and rhythm alone are amazing to me. It stands on its own!

Thank you,

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Practicing arpeggios with a technical focus (alternate, economy, hybrid, sweep picking) would be great :pray:t2: Maybe even starting on a more beginner level… Thanks for your great work, Kiko!

Hi Kiko. We met at your guitar clinic in Toronto a couple of years ago. You decided to call me
“your bossa-nova friend” as I requested some jazz & Brazilian music from you and we were also discussing Romero Lubambo and other Brazilian geniuses. I’d love to talk about the incorporation of jazz elements into rock guitar solos and arrangements.

All the best and thank you!



Hi Kiko!!! I’m waiting for the live session!!! and I have the following question:

What is the correct position of fingers in the right and left hand to play the guitar relaxed and do not force the movements?


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Hi Kiko, Hi all,

My question will be linked to composition.
Do you compose a melody by choosing a mode and create or, the reverse, create the melody and find the mode linked to it?

See you on Sunday.



Definitely something related to EVH his style, his note choices and techniques.