Private Live with Kiko on November 21st

Guitar Hackers,

Here we go, Kiko will be hosting another private live for Guitar Hacks paying members this Saturday, Nov 21st at 2PM EST (11AM PST, 8PM CET).

The theme this time is guitar modes and composition as we will be welcoming a new batch of 7 Factor students!

As usual, Kiko will pick the top 3 or 5 most liked questions in this topic to cover during the live. So ask away!


I want to propose a topic about Riffs. How Dave Mustaine and James Hatfield come up with crazy riffs. Their bad riffs are also better than other guitar players, what is the origin?


Would love to know Kiko’s approach to analyzing music. For example, how do you break down a song like Holy Wars or Imminent Threat to identify modes/scales or what makes them work.


My topic is about pros and cons in picking technique while using rest strokes ( using the adjacent strings to stop the stroke ) when your praticing on a single string .

I’d like Kiko to discuss left hand and arm position and how to adapt and adjust it as you travel up the neck. I sometimes find that playing open positions on lower strings on frets 12 and up can feel a bit uncomfortable and wonder whether there’s any proper, special technique for that that I may be overlooking! Thanks!


Hey guys, this is Honestly not related to modes but… my question is related to hybrid picking & Right hand palm muting while hybrid picking. I tend to want to lift my hand up. Kiko, can you show us how you palm mute while hybrid picking very fast.
Thanks and cheers!

Skyler Mills

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Can you show some examples of chord progressions that set the tone for each mode? Ideas to help us start composing songs in each mode? Thanks!


How do you know what different modes to use on a song; Do you go with feeling or dissect the music theory of the underlying harmony?


Hi kiko, could you give us some tips on proper hammer on pull off technique?I am trying to play trooper by Iron Maiden .

Hi kiko, I face difficulty with finger position after 12 fret while playing modes or scales. Is there any rule as when to stop using our pinky after 12 fret? Thanks kiko.


Hi Kiko! I suggest talking about guitar related injuries and how to deal with them- golfers elbow, tennis elbow, carpel tunnel, etc. The importance of stretching, warming up, cooling down, and anything else. Thanks!


Hey man! Hope this helps: there is no strict way on what fingers to use with each pattern, I recommend finding which fingers work better for you at certain licks and when shifting position. Pay attention at what finger you need to be free for the next note, also take a look into figer rolls (that is the name of the technique, look for it, it is not hard at all, it just needs planning and practice).

When you approach the last frets on the guitar you need less reach, as you have probably noticed by now.


I suggest something many people overlook but is still very important: warming up exercises.


Thanks for all the input and a warm welcome to our new members @Namsand, @skylercw.mills @r.aukerman @justin.banke !


Thanks a lot Aram . I will definitely use this approach in my practice .

A pleasure :slight_smile: let us know how it goes!

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Okay! Thought of something better!

Kiko, could you walk us through your procedure for when you come up with crazy fast licks? ( for example the shreddy arpeggio verse in “Black ice”) Do you start slow and build off a good sounding progression?

That shred blows my mind and it goes for a nice amount of time.
If you could share how you write something like that and give us tips on how to approach longer phrases. I would be super appreciative!!!

Cheers bro
Thank you very much


Hi Kiko, your general approach on arpeggios would be very much appreciated. With regard to modes and technique practice would be great. Thank you!

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Forgive me if this has been talked about before; I’m new here. But I’m really interested in an in-depth look into the setup that Kiko used to get the wonderful sounds that we can hear in Open Source.

I can find this rig rundown, but I imagine it’s different from the Open Source setup, since that’s for Megadeth live performances.


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Hi Kiko, could you analyze the Vital Signs Solo Section and the options we could use as far as Scales and Modes?