Private Live with Kiko on March 20th 2021

Hi Guitar Hackers,

We continue the tradition!
Kiko will be hosting the third private live of the year for Guitar Hacks paying members this Saturday, March 20th at 3PM EDT (12PM PDT, 8PM CET).

Please note the time difference, our friends in USA switched day light saving time last week-end but Europe didn’t adjust yet…

This live will be about technique, guitar players favorite topic :slight_smile:

As usual, Kiko will pick the top 3 or 5 most liked questions in this topic to cover during the live. So ask away! But keep the topic on composition, modes and scales this time,


How do you go about creating, building, finishing a guitar song like one from Open Source? You change, you move, you create tension… I love the tempo changes… Do you have a writing partner? I’d love to hear a demo, idea of yours turned into a finished product. Sorry, this is a lot.


Hey there!

Right now, after not playing for a few weeks, I realized that I’ve always conflated the feeling of overexerting myself because of having “bad technique” with the feeling of overexerting myself because of my finger muscles not being strong enough.

When watching you play I can see that there’s an ease to the hand movement which I always considered just “better technique”, whatever that means, but I’m now seeing as having more strength and thus more control.

How much of it is relaxation and how much is finger strength? Is strength a vital aspect of technique?


  1. When translating feelings to scales, I noticed I can make major scale still sound minor…I am guessing that is due to my rhythm and melody choice. Right?

  2. Maybe this topic is for a future live: Using tremolo bar for melodies. There are tons of whammy tricks but I notice Kiko using it for flattening notes for creating melodies with lots of character. Any tips would be appreciated.


Hi everyone!!!
Since i m quite a beginner i m interested in anything about music theory, composition, progression and so on but since i feel a huge lack of tecnical skills i would like to know what mistakes do i have to look for specially when i m trying to play fast…
What signs do i have to serch to understand where i m making mistakes and how to correct them.
I know it s quite a broad and wide topic but i think having a way to undestand specifically where you are crap coud give anyone, even the most experienced a way to improve.
Thanks again for the opportunity!!!

  1. How to improve time feel? Any tips in regards to rhythm and its subdivisions.

  2. How to write songs that has changing keys?


Hi Kiko and everyone!!

I would like that Kiko speaks about dynamics with the right hand on the picking (alternated picking and sweep picking). It would be great if Kiko could deepen in this aspect. For example, speak about control and fluency for the sweep picking.

Another important thing is the following: That Kiko show like must be the change and movement between two techniques, particularly between tapping and alternated picking or other, but always between tapping and another technique. Is difficult for mi to change between tapping and another technique especially with high bpm.

Thanx Kiko!!!


Hi! Can Kiko share something about the use of the non natural scales (like Harmonic Minor/Major, Melodic Minor) and their modes?


Hi Kiko. Fabian here and one of my questions is how would you structure your music? Do you start of first with chords so you have a base of where to put your solos in? Thank you!

I had to delete my first question because I failed to read @Giorgio’s OP: the live will be about technique. :slight_smile:

So I was wondering if we could get some tips for practicing fluent transitions between difficult chord voicings, even at faster tempos.



I would like to know how to make long legato lines with change of strings sound clean and crisp. Like on page 106 and 108 of the No Gravity Songbook. I practice slowly, but it does not change anything. Also, what are the settings as of the gear? Mild distortion and compressor versus heavy distortion without compressor? High distortion makes it hard to control from a noise standpoint for me.

Many thanks,


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Hi Kiko, Neka here. I would like to know your approach/hack to changing the key and going back to the initial key again. I’m self-taught and I don’t have an explanation except for just trying and do whatever sounds good. I’m referring to the “sophisticated” modulations, not just going from E minor to F# minor directly :slightly_smiling_face:.
Thank you for all you do to to help us improve our musical and technical skills!!!

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When you were playing in Angra, a more melodic metal sound, you had a way to compose songs using modes, scales, and techniques.
Did that change in Megadeth? What modes, scales, and techniques make you sound more thrash than melodic?

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I would be interested in hearing Kikos’ take on “Cascading” harmonics technique and how to tap cleanly…
Left/Right hand techniques for muting untapped/unplayed strings.


Hi Kiko - Thanks for all the great stuff you’ve shared with us! For Saturday, maybe we could talk about different rhythmic groupings, ie groups of 5, groups of 7, groups of 9 etc. Maybe different licks and techniques to work with these larger groupings of notes. Thanks! - Jonathan


Hi Kiko, I would like to hear about tempo change tricks in songs. Polyrhythms and Polymeters.



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Was wondering if you could run through some technique with the Floyd Rose?


Hi guys, it s tge first time i will join the private live, how does it works? I mean do i casses it via kiko youtube channel or we will receive a link?
Thanks in advance🤘

Actually both.:slight_smile: It is streamed via his yutoob channel, but only we receive the link to it.


Thank you my friend :metal::sunglasses::metal:

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