Private Live with Kiko on Jan 22nd 2022

Hi Guitar Hackers, great news, Kiko is available to host another private live!

Kiko will be hosting a new private live session for Guitar Hacks paying members Saturday, Jan 22nd at 2PM EST (11AM PST, 8PM CET).

You choose the theme by replying in this thread and the video will be recorded and published as a lesson to watch again later or for people who could not attend.

As usual, Kiko will pick the top 3 or 5 most liked questions to cover during the live. So ask away!


Yaaaaaay! For starters, I’ll repeat my last question, I believe it hasn’t been talked about yet:

“I was wondering whether you ever rely on “studio magic” when composing? Here’s what I mean: Do you always work out parts till you are almost prefectly satisfied with them on their own? Or do you sometimes think that “Hey, this part is not that strong, but with some effects or whatnot it will fit the song just fine?””

These special effects can sometimes make all the difference between sounding like a " demo" or a fully produced song, how do you go about using and choosing them?


:grinning:Hi kiko. I have a question about rhythm. Everytime I record a solo with a backing track, then I listen to it, I always find for some parts, my guitar’s rhythm is a bit off. It seems like I can’t hit some notes at the right time. Can you give me some advice on how to find a solo’s rhythm?like how to divide certain notes into a group instead of playing them like a bunch of un-organized notes.
Thank you :grinning:



maybe one of topics could be about very high tempo alternate picking. Picking so fast that it becomes tremolo picking. Starting from single string and going for all strings with tremolo picked chords.


Hi Kiko, hi all,

First of all Best wishes for 2022.
Super happy to have another private session.

My question is about legato technic: while on the alternate picking part, I can focus on minimising the distance between fingers and neck, I can’t do it on legato as I need “distance” to “smatch” the strings in order to make the appropriate sound.
Is there any good tip or exercices to improve it or it’s “just” about working it out?




Hi Giorgio,

Great news.
Will it be on YouTube or Zoom?

Just in order to arrange the background in case of… :rofl::rofl:


Ah ah, most likely it will be on youtube but I will ask Kiko and confirm,

Hallo! I wanted to ask about something that I’ve been noticing and trying to improve the last few days.

If you slow down time and look at your hands when picking a new note there is always a small gap in the sound caused by:

  • the right hand when the pick is touching the string but not struck yet
  • the left hand when the finger is touching the string but not pressing down
  • both when the synchronization is not perfect (i.e. the gaps don’t overlap).

It has a direct effect on sound quality, so have you ever consciously worked on it and do you have any tips or observations about improving it? It seems that even when going really slow minimizing it is hard, specially when I’m doing descending runs, where the left hand finger has to be lifted rather than just hammered-on.

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Afternoon Kiko,

Could cover and play the guitar for this video if you have time.

Thank you

Can we look at left hand thumb/fingers positioning to be most efficient? I’ve found different techniques and would like to see your finger positions from an overhead perspective to achieve maximum effectiveness.


Everybody can start cleaning things up as It’s going to be zoom call!


Kiko said it’s going to be a zoom!


Hi all,

As topic I suggest.

-How to develop full instrumental composition from a starting guitar idea/riff
-how to composé instrumental music that blends different influences

Thank you

Let’s discuss the Circle of Fith when composing and how to give your music style and beautiful arrangements!

Cheers Kiko!

José “The Bossa Nova Friend” Ocando from Toronto.


On one hand, it’s awesome. On the other hand… sh… it’s time to clean up the man cave…

PS: my wife will thank Kiko :rofl::rofl:


Hey there, best whishes everyone,

So ,what is your favorite song(s) that lead to jam on with friends and fellow musicians ?

What was your favorite non-Megadeth song you played in the jam room last tour ?

Also, how would you kindly convince casual musicians to work their instruments more and learn new songs ?
For me it is easy to find motivation as i am passionate about music and guitar but it is hard to enjoy playing with less dedicated musicians sometimes.

Abrassos de França

What ways do you use to write the melodies and harmonies in your songs, or in Megadeth?

Hello! I want to ask if there’s any advice / suggestion for: cadence II, V, I and for superlocria scale how to apply and when use it. Thanx!


Hi - is there an update on the mentorship program? Has the group been formed already? Thanks Andreas

I‘m interested in two topics:

  • Right Hand Technique: I‘m working on the alternate picking exercises in the Guitarhacks program, because for years I have many issues playing relaxed, with good tone and stuck in the strings… Can you give some advice according to playing and practicing either rhythm and lead guitar? (where you anchor your hand, changes in technique when switching from rhythm to soloing (if any) etc.) Maybe a camera from the fretboard point of view? Would be helpful to prevent despairation :wink:

  • Chord Changes: Arrangements and Chord Melody (some jazzy stuff (even while I listen to Metal Music), scales like melodic minor, diminished, altered scale)