Myxolidian, Minor Blues and Lydian modes

Hi there
my name is franco and this is a take where i play over a backing track in a jam for Fractal Audio.
i use a bunch of techniques here. Hope you enjoy it!


Amazing mate !!!:blush:

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Great!! I love the arpeggios with hybrid!! Show us slowly!! : ) Tasty phrases!!


Sure. I’ll make a video of that part!
And Thanks @kiko for your kind words.

Wow, awesome! Great tone and technique!

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Thank you mate. In a couple of days i will shoot a video of that hybrid picking part so everyone can try to play it!

Hey guys
here the hybrid picking lick played slowly. the goal is to reach 120 BPM.



I love it!!! I’ll have to practice that. Thanks for sharing!!

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Hello Franco, I was wondering what do you use to record the video? The picture and sound is awesome. Just speaking in terms of the camera.

thank you. Glad you enjoy it. For video i used my iPhone XS. For the audio i used the fractal Axefx3 and then into Logic Pro X.
i synchronized audio and video with final cut

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Wow! that was fast and clear…thanks :smiley:

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