Join Unlock Moods and Modes on Guitar Lives!

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Olá my friends! Because of the current isolation, we don’t have the opportunity to meet face to face. That’s why I decided to bring us together with a series of free Youtube lives. It begins next Monday and I hope to see you there, it’s going to be a lot of fun! I guarantee this…


Awesome! Really looking forward to these lives!
Obrigado Kiko :slight_smile:

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Great ! I can’t wait yepiiii !!!

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This is going to be fantastic! I’m excited, I’ll definitely be tuning in.

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Is there a way I can “save” the videos beyond the 24hrs?

I can only attend monday and tuesday, plus I’m not a person with fantastic retention. I really don’t want to miss this!

Thank you!

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I am also interested if however we can consult them beyond 24 hours!

Yes, the replays will be included as bonus as part of the upcoming course on modes.

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That’s great to know.

I’m just waiting for the course to be released.

I guess the course is also lifetime buy, right?

We’re live now, more than 800 people watching!


All live (like last night) be added in guitar hacks in the “live with Kiko” section ?

Those videos are gonna be added to the Modes course.

Where is this section in guitar hacks ? I don’t find it

It is still not open. More info here Who Else Wants to Master Modes on Guitar?

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Yesterday’s live has been awesome, I’ve taken a lot of notes and many new ideas to practice major scale!


Hi Arnaud, the replay of all 4 lives on Modes will not be added to the current Guitar Hacks course. They will be added to the upcoming courses specifically on Modes that we will be available to purchase soon.

Yes, thanks Aram and perfect link!

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Thanks Laura, there was a lot of content packed into this 3 hours!

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Hi Giorgio !
So the version that we have of guitar hacks currently will evolve but in the form of other paying training suddenly ?

Not exactly, the guitar course is all about guitar technique ( and will continue to evolve, including our regular private lives with Kiko and all existing students have access to it and the evolutions.
But it will not cover topics that are not about technique like composition or modes. Does that make sense?

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oh okay I see (i think lol)
yes indeed it has a certain meaning even if in the end this knowledge of the modes can be used with the technique acquired on guitar hacks.
so there will be a “musical theory” section where we can buy Kiko lessons ! (If i understand well lol)

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It makes you notice how important is to practice a lot over that scale and get deep into it so you can really benefit from it. Kiko did pointed that out BOLDLY. We need to be curious and deal with it in whatever form we can think of so we can use it with freedom.

I missed yesterdays video, BUT the good thing is they are gonna be included in the next course.