Ibanez Kiko10BP

Hi everyone,

A bit off topic but still “related” to Kiko :wink:

Is someone already tried or even own an Ibanez Kiko10BP?
I love the style of the guitar and the configuration.
With the Covid, it s quite difficult to be able to try while buying over the net is possible.
Is there a huge difference between Premium and Prestige nowadays? I own a Jem7v Prestige and I’m afraid to be disappointed.
Is there any Prestige version of the guitar maybe?

Ps: I know that the Kiko200 could be an alternative but my wife is not really in line with a guitar price starting by a 3 :grinning::grinning::grinning:.

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Hi friend !

I have never tried this guitar but it strongly resembles the S. it is really too stylish! I love the Kiko signature guitar and the S too for that matter.
I have been looking for some time to buy a premium S precisely but in France it is no longer sold the premiums …

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Kiko is live on IG now and playing that guitar but not sure that Kiko plays the premium one :thinking::thinking:

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no I don’t think so either. I was talking about the premium in S for me lol it must be a prestige him or a specific not even sold in large series.

It was not really visible but I m pretty sure that the Kiko s one as the last frets scalloped… definitely not a premium :rofl:

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Yes !!! Not a Premium for sure :grin:

That would be the Kiko100, made in Japan.

Hey! I can always check for you guys if it’s available( when and where)
The 10p is pretty good. It’s made in Indonesia, but for me the diference is in the bridge ( it doesn’t feel as reliable as the japanese one). The wood surely is not as good as the Japanese version but I don’t think you would feel a extreme difference (considering it’s half of the price)
The one I use is the Red one KIKO100 in Trans Black (It was the prototype). I use to have a 10P Indonesia but I donated it. I did several shows with the 10P and had no problems.
The Japanese version now is the KIKO200 ( green one). Fancy wood, extremely high quality guitar that Ibanez could not make under US$3,700. The KIKO200 it’s easier to order if you guys want.( I might get a discounted price)


Oh yeah ! Great !!
Thank you :blush:

Hi Kiko,

Thanks for the answer (it s awesome that you replied ;-)).
So considering having a 10P and upgrade the bridge could be a alternative. The trans black finish is really really nice.

Have a nice evening.


I don’t think is necessary. I felt the difference because of the extreme conditions of touring and playing live.


Thanks a lot for the advice!!


Order it from outside the EU tax borders, pay 27% VAT and import fees at the custom and it’s already starting with a 4 (if not 5), problem solved! :rofl:

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Good point, I will try this evening “Honey, finally it’s not starting by a 3 but a 5… so may I?”.
If you don’t see me connected for couple of days, please call the Hungarian police :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Tell her the price in HUF then, that’ll start with a 1… :rofl:

of course… she will happilly accept 1200HUF budget… just I can’t buy guitar strings with this :grimacing: :rofl:

Ahhhh, when I was decided to order it, it seems that the guitar is unavailable in Europe till January… :frowning:
Now, it’s time to be patient… And spending time on triads (like learned in the yesterday live :wink: )

Ps: the way to see scales as « extension » of the triads was so eyes opener for me. Thanks Kiko


Hi guys,

If anybody is interested: based on my provider information, the Kiko will be in Europe from 4th of March. It seems that Dimarzio has issues for delivering pick-ups.
But I’m #9 in the European order so I really hope to receive it during March. :slight_smile:
If anybody interested, I will make a review, just tell me if you want it.



Of course we’re interested! :wink:

Excited for your review @GregS! :slightly_smiling_face: