Ibanez Kiko10BP

On my side, I’m excited to receive good news from my guitar shop :smiley:

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A small update for the curious : the guitar should arrive in its new home Thursday (a quite nice birthday present isn’t it? :grin::grin:

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That’s cool ! You get your Kiko related birthday present and than you won’t mind stepping aside from the 7Factor Testimonial contest for other Hackers’ benefit, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding! It’s an awesome feeling when you’re just days away from laying hands on your new axe! Feels like being 8 years old around the 20th of December. Don’t forget to post a thorough NGD review! :wink:

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Hi guys,

The guitar arrived yesterday… quite a nice birthday present :slight_smile:

Not yet have the time to really play it (and it needs a small set up too as I prefer lower action).
But as really first impression, the neck is quite different than my JEM but not in a bad meaning. It’s thicker so you can grab it better I would say.
The pick-ups have also more drive than the evolutions in my ears.




For some reason Ibanez never appealed to me, but that thing looks SEXY! Make sure to let the neighbours know that you got a new guitar! Don’t forget: if they call the cops and the cops can understand wht they’re saying through the phone, YOU ARE NOT PLAYING LOUD ENOUGH! :smiley:

Oh, and happy B-Day! :wink: :partying_face:

When I’m playing, I push my 100W at half of the master… the neighborhood is quite aware when I’m playing but they are cool so no cops yet and with the new lockdow here… the guitar will be played more :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

and thanks for the HBD :slight_smile:

You’re lucky… I never play that loud, yet I have neighbour complaining that I play my stupid guitar too loud at 3 am… My alarm goes off at 4:15 am, so the only time I am awake at 3am is when I come home from a night out, wasted out of my mind. And I never touch my guitars when I’m wasted. So it looks like I’m being blamed for their hallucinations… :thinking: :rage:

cool, let us listen something!

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you should try once really at 3AM to let them feel the difference :smiley:


Wow! That’s really a beautiful guitar! Excited for the review and demo! Haha!

Cool amp too! Is that a Joe Satriani Signature Marshall?

By the way, happy birthday! :partying_face:

Just to butt in on the conversation of playing with 100W amps, I have never experienced playing an amp that loud. Haha! I have never tried in here a tube amp. I played with my 15W solid state with the volume on 2.5. Haha! Pretty sure no neighbours will complain. The maximum volume I’ve played with that amp is 7. Still no one complained except my parents. Haha! :joy:

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yes it’s the JVM410 Joe Satriani. I was lucky to find it in blue (only 500 pieces produced) and… I find the cab separately (aslo only 500 pieces)… I can simply not understand who sold them separately somewhere in their life…
A really great amp, really versatile and the clean green channel is a really good plateform for pedal (Line6 helix for me)

Thanks for the HBD :smiley:

PS: I will try to put a video of the guitar and me attempting to play something :slight_smile:

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It’s definitely loud :slight_smile: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

But as “someone” said : “It’s not about equipment” :wink:

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Me too…I have a 20W :rofl:


Wow! What a really great amp and a limited one too! Though, I never thought of Marshall as a good pedal platform amp but I’ll take what you said as my knowledge of amps were only from YouTube demos and comments from the other forums. Haha!

By the way, is your Kiko10BP has a Panga Panga fretboard? How does it feel? I believed this year, Ibanez used Rosewood again for the fretboard of Kiko10BP.

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That’s nice! Haha! Have you cranked it too? Solid state or tube?

I have a 50w JCM800 which is very loud… 50 watts is great because it breaks up quicker before melting your face. One word powerbrake. Sweet lookin guitar I like the charcoal/grey burst looks great. Enjoy.

Hi- that thing looks slick. Thanks for the comments on how the neck feels. Fun to see what others are playing. Have fun with it enjoy!


I’ve also read that from 2021 production they will come back to rosewood as their first production.
I’m not a wood specialist and, since I can feel a real difference between Rosewood and Ebony, I don’t really feel a difference between Rosewood and PangaPanga. I term of visual, it seems that the PangaPanga is a bit more “purple” than the Rosewood but it is also maybe a bit dry (to be confirmed in the next string changes).