Guitar Hacks Song join here

Awesome, welcome to the song!

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Ah, that’s a lot of power!
:drum: :drum: :drum: :drum: :drum:

@nexion218, you are on a roll so I nominate you for the second part !
Do you want a vid of the fretting hand? (it’d be faster for me to do vs a gpx file)


Don’t know about nexion but i would love the video so i can steal something for sure​:joy::metal::metal::metal::metal:
Can’t wait to hear @nexion218 part!!! :metal::metal::metal::sunglasses::metal::metal::metal:

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Accepted (what else can I do? :smiley: )! Will look into it during the weekend.

Do I have to re-record the first riff too? If not, then I can work without it. But sounds like you’re using the E and A strings only, right? Either way, it can be useful. I think I’ll do mine with a vid too!


if we can mange to import the previusr riffs or progressions in garage band/protool we can have the idea of the song as it gets created, then we will probably re record it all with bass line and drum loop properly set, but for the moment i will focus more on gettinge the sequences in place, then we can worry about adjustment. or at least this is my idea but for that i’m going to need some support cause i’m pretty crap on protool. :crazy_face:

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I am playing octaves on the A and G strings while keeping an open E on everything. Trying to record the video today.

Oh I see, let’s agree on the DAW first then. I use ableton live which makes me kind of unique in a metal forum :slight_smile: Is there a free version of pro tool we could use? Or maybe use reaper since it’s available on all platforms?

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I have protool first that is for free.

I’m using reaper because my neural dip is not working on GarageBand.
But I can go with any free DAW.


Why do we have to use the same DAW? A wav or mp3 can be drag&dropped into any DAW…


I am 100% on board with this, please let me know details of how we do this. Maybe people should tab their riffs to streamline the process as well. So send a Recording/Tab together to whoever will be in charge of everything. This will be Awesome!

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Wellcome on board @beatlemike99 !
Tab will be great but can be a lot of time and effort so far we agreed on video of the fretting hand. So basically Giorgio did the intro and the nominated nexion to do the next part, now when he will be ready he will post his composition and nominate the third one and so on.

Now for all the one on board so far what do you say if we close the project?

Cheers Claudio

OK, so I promised to do it this weekend, here it is. I was painting the flat the whole weekend, so please excuse me, but for the time being no video and a cut’n’paste audio only.

A quick roadmap:

  • @Giorgio’s intro flows into or finishes on this god-knows-what chord, consisting of E-C-F-G#
  • first chord is a G# dim7: G#-D-F-B (a root position Drop2 voicing if you will), root on D6
  • second chord is a G# diminished again, but an inverted triad: B-D-G#-D, B on A14
  • third chord is the same shape as the first (Drop2), but we modulate up a P4, so it is a Cdim7 (root on D10) and the pedal note shifts to open A
  • then we’re back to the G#dim7 Drop2
  • close out with C aug inversion: G#-C-E-G#, G# on D6
  • ending tag: E-D-C-B-C and a D#-E trill (or whatever :slight_smile: )

The thrashy motif uses the open E (what else? :slight_smile: ) and E, F, G# and A from the next octave.

Will try to do a vid once the bomb struck ruins of my room get back to normal (also a better audio take). Should it be playthough or tutorial?

@milesmcdonald5643 your turn! :wink:

Oh and we’re around 190 BPM 4/4. I believe it was 192 in the project, cannot tell, because after exporting the audio I deleted the whole project with one swift move… FUUUUUCK!

EDIT: Video with better audio posted


Solid! Alright, here we go…

After having slept a few hours, it’s a rather painful performance to listen to… .:rofl: Nevermind, I still owe a vid, so I’ll do a proper recording too. At least I kept my word of doing it during the weekend… Though it may have been more beneficial to skip the promise and do it right first time… :rofl:

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I can hold off if you want to retry it.

Please don’t!:slight_smile: It’s totally OK. It is a “sketch” not a final product. We’re writing, not recording yet, so I’m fine with it. I just had to comment on it - I was basically laughing out loud while having my breakfast and listened to the “great riff I recorded” the previous night all exhausted… :rofl:

Edit: I think I misundertood the first time. I totally like the idea, it’s just the bad playing that made me laugh. :yum:

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Well done nexion!!! I like it!!!:metal::metal::metal:

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Sounds cool. I like it!! :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: Well done! :+1:

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Thanks! I was worried that it might be a bit too much, but the endless hours of listening to Revocation have taken their toll on me… :upside_down_face: The Mick Thomson preset was definitely a bad choice for standard tuning, so I changed that and did a better take with vid. I’ll upload shortly!

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