Guitar Hacks Song join here

Hey People!!!

after the amazing private live with kiko about song structure proposed by @nexion218 we came up with the idea of making the “guitar hacks song”.

As Kiko suggested we can start with somebody making a riff and “passing it” to somebody to continue, after that the second “composer” will add his riff and nominate a third that is going to add his riff to the previous two and so…dependig of how many of us join this project the song will become extremely progressive!

I propose this topic as basket to collect all the people interested and decide how to proceed and all the other “rules of engagement” of that new funny and inspiring project!!!

Come on guys we will make the rime of the ancient mariner like sound like a pop song after our 200+ riffs song :smiley:

Put here your idea and let’s start to collaborate I’m sure it’s gonna be fun!!!

– Claudio

As suggest by @nexion218, here’s the list of players that are contributing to the song:



I am in! How are we going to set this up? Are we going to use a backing track? Or are we going to come up with a chord progression then jam over that? This is going to be a fun project

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Glad you are in, the idea is to start from scratch. Once we decided who start it and how to pass it to next one it’s up to ech one to put a chord progression or a riff or both.
The once we have the background we can do whatever. Probably we are gonna need somebody good at using protool😂

Sounds good! I’m definitely not the man to be doing the protocols. Are we going to have a key signature or are we going to have many many key changes? I guess that’s all part of the fun though

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I’m game. Just let me know what I can do!

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Glad to have you here justin! Let’s wait for a few more people to join and then we will put down the rules of engagement :slight_smile: a start pedal to the metal​:metal:

I’m in, too! Great idea! You should start to write down the rules! :wink:

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Glad you are in Nils!!! :metal::metal::metal::metal:I will put down the “rules” and post them soon.:+1:

Just in case you had any doubts: I’m in too. :wink:

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That’s amazin!!! Bacio le mani​:joy::metal::metal::metal::metal:

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Sounds good, here’s an intro riff, hopefully it can get us started :wink: But if you guys don’t like it, no biggy, I have plenty more :slight_smile:


Just finished up with my collab video entry, so I am in as well!


Hello fellow composer!!! :grinning:

very nice Intro @Giorgio it really opens up to a lot of possibilities and has this almost exotic feeling of sitar like atmosphere!!! really nice.

Now I was just struggling with a method to decide who is going to start first but thankfully Giorgio solved the problem for me! So now is up to you to decide who is gonna be the next carrier of the flame. :smiley:

Now Giorgio will nominate the next one to perform the next part and when he has done he will nominate the next one and so on.

A good think to have will be the gpx file or a video of the fretting so the next composer can relate better to the work of the previous one and better manage the transition. (you can read that as “claudio need tabs also for the chorus of knoking on havens door” and not be far off :smiley: )

Other than that i would put no rules or limitation as far as lenght, key, tempo and so on. So feel free to express yourself and mange eventual transition between the riff/part of who nominates you and the riff/part you want to have in this song.

Once we have all the pieces here we can organize a zoom meeting or something to arrange them all and fit them into a maybe weird but real song.

It will be nice also to have lyrics with the voice of @nilsrocks :slight_smile:
…as well as something of a bass line with drum and everything else, but let’s start with guitar riffs and chord progression.

I so far we have covered everything!

I would wait a few more days and keep this project open for whoever what to join in but than i think it will be wiser to close it what do you think of that and everything else?

Let me know


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I would like to join as well. It sounds like a challenge and a lot of fun. :smiley:


Wellcome in the club then!!! It will be a real lot of fun!

I’m definitely in too!!

PS: is the next step a Guitar Hacks album? :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:



Glad to hear that My freind!

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E Phrygian Dominant, if I’m not mistaken. :slight_smile: You can dooo eeet! :wink:

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Yes, E Phrygian Dominant! My favorite scale to noodle around :slight_smile:

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