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Guitar Hacks Community,
I had a great chat with @Giorgio yesterday to discuss the Practice Routine Tracker.

We discussed further the possibilities of passing data from the tracker to a database.

Some ideas that were raised:

  • Tracking when the application is playing
  • Tracking beginning metronome speed when a lick is learned and clean enough to be played with a metronome.
  • Tracking end speed attained with that same lick
  • Ability to adjust speeds recorded manually to allow for final changes before sending to database
  • Ability to enter a URL that points to a page that has the lick you are using on it.
  • comments about the practice session overall for the day (next steps, whatever you like)
  • Manual submission of data after you are happy with what is being logged.
  • reporting that will give you access to this data including the ability to go back and pull specific licks you have worked on so that you can work on them again and see the progress you have made against them.

We are interested in getting your inputs towards how we can collect data from that tracker that will be most useful for YOU in your practice time.

If you like what I have listed it will help to know that. If you have further ideas please list them here. Feel free to put any questions or comments here you like.

This is a safe place…we are a community. Lets collaborate and make this tracker useful as possible for all.



I wish I could help with programming skills unfortunately the only ideas I can give you other than what has already been mentioned are from the combination of apps I use during my practice sessions :

  1. the default download app (in which I find the tabs)
  2. a sophisticated metronome app (in which you can make your own specific rythm patterns for a specific exercise and then organize it in files… I’ll try to upload a screen shot so you can see what it looks like)
  3. a timer which includes “preparation time”, “number of repetitions of each rounds”, “work time” and “rest time”. The limits of this are that you can’t add multiple "work times " in the same session. So, for example, instead of following Kiko’s advice of separating the 20 minute musical exercises phase into 4 different parts (with a possibility to group 2 or 3 exercises into one 5 minute part separated by an alarm that would tell me when to stop one exercise and move to the next…) I can only make one “work time”, so the only possibility available with this is to separate those 20 minutes according to the number of exercises and have the same work time for each exercise and the same rest time after each of these. This is how I determine the times I use for each musical exercises phase (of course, I apply the same principle for each phase accordingly to the time recommended for it) :
    20 minutes - (rest time × number of exercises) = total work time available
    Then… Total work time available ÷ number of exercises = work time for each exercise

This works for me because there’s no risk of exceeding or not playing enough each exercise.
(although… now that I’m familiar enough with the exercises from the Alternate Picking-day one practice session, I allow myself the freedom to spend less time on the exercises that seem too easy and use this extra time on the more difficult ones).

(Edit : Just realized I erroneously named phase 3 “out of the box” instead of “out of the plateau” but… You got the idea :wink:)


Thanks @brunobailly7 lots of juicy ideas here. Thanks for bringing them to this thread I will go through and pull others here just wanted to keep these specific ideas here together.


Very interesting, lots of good idea there.


Thank you so much Randy for helping with this.

The idea is to gather inputs here and then it will shape a roadmap that will be maintained on Github here, for everyone to see.

I think the Practice Routine Tracker can become a great tool to keep us accountable with our practice!

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Happy to help @Giorgio.

@brunobailly7 ideas really exploded more ideas in mine.

Going to wait another week. This weekend I will start splitting features and start giving us a list to work from.

One of things I could see come from this over and above helping us with our own practice is we could maybe all focus on a specific technique/lick for the month and track our progress together. We could make a game of it.

Anyway…anyone else? Feel free to add ideas/uses for routine tracker…things you would like to see.

Good day all!

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@randyjohnson777 has created a list of tickets on Github to put some structure around the development of the practice routing tracker!
Thanks @randyjohnson777, this is great:

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Here’s what it looks like:

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What we are doing here is just the beginnings. In it we are starting with very simple collection of data and reporting.

We will be able to build further with other ideas from there.