Your favorite songs from Kiko's solo albums

I’ve always liked to make Playlists and compilations. I thought it would be interesting to create this kind of topic not only to see which songs often reappear in the lists but also to compare our musical sensibilities… Each of us has a perfect list. In a way, this topic is in continuation with the presentation topic (and a good excuse to listen to Kiko’s albums again :grin:).
I selected a list of 20 songs from Kiko’s Solo albums because it’s roughly the average number of tracks on a compilation or even a setlist, and I thought it would be easier for me… but feel free to select which ever number of tracks, 10 tracks, 5 or even 3… Whatever (just don’t select 50 songs :sweat_smile:… This topic wouldn’t make no sense with 50 song Playlists ).

Here are my favorite tracks (from least favorite to favorite) :
20. The Hymn
19. Beautiful language
18. Reflective
17. In motion
16. Pau-De-Arara
15. Overflow
14. Corrosive voices
13. Imminent threat
12. Recuerdos
11. Black ice
10. Edm (E-dependant mind)
09. Outrageous
08. A perfect Rhyme
07. El Guajiro
06. Gray Stone Gateway
05. Du monde
04. Se entrega, corisco !
03. Vital signs
02. Conflicted

  1. Sertaõ

As you can tell, I didn’t selected much from the “Universe Inverso” album as I’m not particularly jazz oriented. And interestingly, some tracks that I had initially thought would be in the list didn’t make it in the top 20… Dilemma, Enferno and Mãe d’Água for example.
I must admit I was more familiar with Fullblast than Sounds of innocence and it changed my initial list.


Great list @brunobailly7, I am surprised Running with the Bull is not in there!

@Giorgio I’m not sure I can explain that absence either :sweat_smile:. “Running with the bulls” is rhythmically awesome! And the intro and outro remind me of some parts in “Winds of destination” which is one of my favorites, if not my favorite, Angra song. I think it has to do with the fact that I did a preselection from each albums first before making the big playlist and I already had a lot of tracks from Open Source selected. And where that track is situated (between two very interesting and melodic tracks) made me choose these two rather than Running with the bulls.

Just before I started replying to your post, I’ve been listening to this song, In Motion, Black Ice and am currently listening to Du monde while writing this comment… I think I understand now. It has to do with the “melodic” aspect of it… It seems my choices were more melodicaly/prog-oriented with an emphasis on the solos. Running with the bulls is excellent in terms of structure, rythms, and great sound and production (like the whole album actually! ), and I do like the Flamenco inspired parts (with the use of “Las palmas”… The typical hand clapping used in Flamenco dance/music) but this song is more riff-oriented, which is not a bad thing either… It’s just the explanation I have for not liking it as much as a song like Vital Signs or Sertão.
Like I said in my first post, we all have different sensibilities. But that’s precisely the interesting thing about this topic :wink:
Looking forward to see your playlist…

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I really love all of his albums and of course I have a Kiko playlist, but it’s really hard to pick favorite songs for my personal chart, so here’s a list of the ones I’m used to listen over and over again every time, absolutely with no order at all:

Feliz Desillusão
Mae d’agua
Monday Mourning
Tapping into my dark tranquillity
Running with the Bulls
Du Monde
Moment of truth
A Perfect Rhyme
Imminent threat




That’s really a complicated questions!
If I start to list, probably all the songs will finally appear.
But I have to say that one particular song gave me goosebumps at the first earring: vital signs. Since I have heard the climbing, I’ve tried to play with the same intensity ( don’t know if it’s the good word but always complicated to put words on feelings) but something is missing when I play…

My contribution :wink: