"Write a song with me" on Instagram

Hi fellow musicians!

This is not for musicians only, but maybe interesting for you anyway:

I currently invite on Instagram to write a song with me. The idea is to ask, what mood, tempo, hardness etc. the song shall have and to post possible finished steps to let you choose between them and then go on from there.

The finished song then will be available for everyone for free use, as well as the finished steps in between. Kind of an open source project like Kiko’s new album.

The idea is to make it possible for everyone to take part in the creation process and to have helped to write this song!

I’d be glad if some of you would join me!! I’m “nils_rocks_online” on Instagram. The hashtag will be “#irockwithnils” and I will post the questions in my stories.


Sounds cool Nils! So we need to msg you with mood, tempo and other details for the song?

Thanks Giorgio!
No personal message! I’m doing polls on the individual song properties in the Instagram Stories.The first one about the mood will end at about 9 this morning, so you can still join!
Looks like we’re going for a happy song! But maybe, if there are enough people for one of the other three options… :smile:

The next poll will start right afterwards.

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Don’t know, if this link will work, but here we go for poll 2: Hardness of the song!

It’s gonna be a happy AND hard song!! Next: Tempo:

Last poll before there will be first examples to choose between. :wink:

Ok, the tempo shall be a fast mid-tempo. I chose 165 bpm, which is maybe uptempo already, but I think it feels different.

Made two sketches to choose between:


Please use Instagram to take part in this project!
Have fun!!! :smile:

Hey, thanks to everyone of you, who took part in this project!

The conclusion was the publishing of the song this weekend.

This is a lyric video and as well a documentary of the project.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CF4sZSgHEZ2/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HPyVcvFD1w

Listen and enjoy!

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Good job :+1:. Listening to the song, I was almost expecting to hear “Ea-gle fly freeeeeeeee!..” :smile:. It does have a Michael Kiske-era Helloween vibe… Which is a good sign (especially for the singer!)


Thank you Bruno!!
I was really surprised myself about the helloweenish sound! :grinning: Just sang like it came out.

Can’t claim to have listened too much Helloween in the near past and never sang a song of them. And “Free Like The Devil” just felt right like the way it sounded, no matter the similarities to other music.

Thank you very much, really appreciate your comment! :smiley: