Working on my tone ... Anyone else

Really like the Ramstein tone

Got a focusrite 818i, boss gt100 , yamaha speakers. Also been trying to drop my Alexi600 to standard C. Not sure how to deepen my tone.

Any one experiencing the same thing?

Side note Standard C is F’n awesome. Strings are looser and deeper. I think it’s easier to play.

By “deepen” you mean to have more bass frequencies? EZ-PZ: turn down the mids and turn up the bass on your EQ. :slight_smile: Though the can be a recipe for disaster live or in a full mix.

Seriously though, I dunno much about Rammstein, I don’t think I ever managed to endure a full album. :frowning:
But based on my faint memories of the songs heard in the radio/TV and a quick google search, at least one of the guitarists is using Mesa rectifiers, so what said above might actually wrok within certain limits.

Have you seen this page? There’s a video towards the end of the page, where he seems to be talking about some sort of signature plugin, that might get you closer to it if that’s what you want.

Also, careful with those loose strings! I’d go up at least a gauge from my normal 10-46 for C standard. Too loose and your intonation will be a hot mess when playing. Unless it’s an Evertune of course. :wink:

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Thank you nexion. Hopefully once I dial it in I will try with a drummer.

For live experience is the sound a potential problem because the size of the room? If I had more speakers does this help?

Thank you

Well, I wasn’t much help, but you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

No, it’s not the size of the room. You see, the guitar “lives” in the midrange, that is where it’s most characteristic frequencies are. When you scoop the midrange, the problem may arise when it has to be heard in a full band/mix situation: the boosted low end and high end will compete with the other instruments/vocals and since the mids are turned down, the guitar may be hard to hear. It wont necessarily be an issue, Metallica and many many other bands made the mid scooped Recto-type sounds work, but one has to be aware of this possible pitfall.

As a rule of thumb, what sounds good alone at room levels, rarely works loud with a full band or mix. When playing alone, you wanna hear that pounding low end, but when you have a bass and a pair of kickdrums trying to make themselves heard in the same frequency range, it can turn into a muddy mess.

Also, our perception of the loudness of different frequencies is not the same. At the same dB levels, we hear a high frequency much louder than a low frequency. So when we play at bedroom levels, we crank the lows on the amp/pedals and when we use the same settings loud, we’re scratching our heads what happened to our perfect sound. :rofl:

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Cool along with a roland vad103 I need my Minirect25 MesaBoogie and mesa attenuator. Had to sell last year. Unemployment. And once again unemployed. Appreciate the info

Also I’m using DR 10-52 black beauties.

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