Witch Trials 5/4 bit

So here it is: my first ever video shared online with forum members.

This is a part of the solo in Revocation’s song Witch Trials. I find it quite demanding, though not completely out of reach, so seemed like a good project to keep me motivated. Here I am trying to get the 5/4 part up to speed - the goal is 160 bpm (Should I have posted this in the what are you working on topic?).

A few notes:
1.: Sorry for the weird background elements. :wink:
2.: Yes, I do have pants/shorts on :slight_smile:
3.: I rushed it a bit, hence the sagging tape effect in the middle :smiley:

EDIT: Fixed the audio. All it took was a “tiny” 20 dB boost… :smiley:


Looks like a good solo for alternate picking in combination with sweep picking. Well done

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Thanks man!

You bet it is, and I havent even gotten to the tapping bit…:smiley:

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Think it would be cool to hear it with effects.

Yeah, I realized the audio is awful… Everything was recorded with phone, the amp is under the table and didn’t wantto molest the neighbourghs with too much volume…

Did another take, bumped up the the bpm to 135 and tried to enchance the audio:

(Please notice how well the color of my guitar goes with my cat’s fur in the background! :smiley: )

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Actually, hearing these two clips side by side I must do something about that first one. That is barely audible… :confused: I’ll look into it tomorrow! I want to leave these here to document the progress and also it is kinda motivating because having it here for all to see and hear pushes me to follow through with the project. Thanks @devintb for pointing out the lackluster audio!

Edit: spotted few a typos


I like the 2nd one better. Sounds like metal. :musical_note:

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Thanks, I prefer that one too! Much less wonky timing. :slight_smile: Also, those Imperiums in the second clip sound stellar, despite me playing them and despite them being DiMarzios… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can only imagine how good they would sound on a proper recording… :smiley:

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