What's your favorite guitar?

My Ibanez Prestige AZ2402-TFF.


Beautiful guitar! I don’t have an Ibanez, but I’ve got my eyes on them for a future purchase…perhaps a Kiko signature model :thinking:
I dont really have a favorite, i love them all but if i had to pick it would be between these two.


Yeah, well this has been (thrash) metal’s greatest shooutouts in the past 35+ years, so no wonder you can’t decide… :smiley:

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My favorite is the black Ibanez but I love them both. I swapped the pups in the black Ibby for some BKP and love the fullness of the tone with the fixed bridge.

I really dig the AZ & signature guitars posted above. You guys definitely have great taste!

PRS Swamp Ash Limited Custom 24

Mayones Legend V22 Custom

And I’m buying an Ibanez Prestige soon, probably a RG652.

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