What should Kiko cover next in the Thursday live series?

Hey folks, so far Kiko has talked about how to practice different licks, play like EVH and many different guitar techniques: sweeping, hybrid, downpicking, fingerpicking etc…

The next video is scheduled for Jan 7th and will cover the Lydian mode, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4a0f5QpBQA .

Now what else would you like to learn/talk about? Feel free to propose topics here for Kiko’s consideration!


Composition, composition, composition…


Some tips about composition… is not easy think out of the box and be creative enough.


Yeah, I’ll second that! Also, some words about composition would be cool…:wink:


So to make sure i get it, something about composition?

I would love for Kiko to do a classical guitar lesson.


Looks like you got it :P!!

I haven’t had a chance to view the vids from the practice class, but I have worked through the modes class. I felt as thought the composition section left me wanting the most. I feel like I have the ingredients, but I lack the recipe for deliberate expression.

I fully appreciate, that composition takes years of practice, listening, and categorizing what is out there. However, I thumbs up jBlanco and nexion218. A glimpse into how to approach or even start down this road would be helpful - even as a class or premium content.


I would like to hear Kiko’s take on transitioning to a 7-string. I recently switched to seven string but it’s not to “djent”. I like the extended range and chord voicings that are possible with the low B or A.

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Tips and exercises for either whammy bar use or tremolo picking.

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