What if it really is about the pick?

Been going through Kiko’s videos and it’s cracking me up how much he’s asked in the chats about what kind of pick he’s using.

“It’s not about the pick!” should be on his next t-shirt.

*I use Dunlop Jazz III btw (like everyone else!)


Nah man, the Jazz III XL iz da bomb. Certain modes cannot be played properly withouth that extra pick material. :upside_down_face:

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I use jazz III xl too in 1mm

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I use the Jazz III Max Grip as well. But even that one gives me problems when I start sweating. Between the “dent grips” I can steel feel the pick kind of unsecured so I have a few control issues.

I’ll try with the Gator Grip Jazz III. Gator Grips have a great hold for me.

Some people even look for picks with certain tone… I just need it to be comfortable.


I use Cat Tongue picks made in the Czech Republic. Buy them here in Canada at Long & McQuades. They are textured with literally a cat tongue surface. Really helps grip and still able to manipulate the pick without dropping it. Especially when sweating.


I’m interesting trying that, but my cat isn’t cooperating.


Yep, I am also a jazz III xl guy. I also like the John Petrucci Jazz III but a box of jazz III xl can be bought for much cheaper that the signature version so :dollar: