Vibrato Help? High E chords are stumping me

I’m fairly new to guitar, but a long time bassist and I’m having difficulty doing vibrato using the high E.
All the other strings you can bend down, but I know with the High E, you have to bend up, or else it will pop off the side of the fret board.

This isn’t that bad when it’s just the E, but when trying to bend a chord (say 12th on the E and 15 on the B), it’s tricky to keep the vibrato going.

Any tips on how to vibrato 12 on E and 15 on B effectively? Feel free to link any videos that might be useful as well.


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I can’t think of anything more relevant than these :wink: :slight_smile:

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Hi…so it takes a long time to build finger strength to do those particular bends and make sure they are in the proper pitch, If you really want to do it tune guitar down 1/2 step with 9’s and bend away. This type of vibrato is difficult which is why a lot of musicians use the tremolo arm, bend to proper pitch vibrato with tremolo arm or slowly with ring finger IMO.good luck …