Transcribe Music - Slow it Down

Any of you use something to slow tuners down to transcribe?

Working on Du Monde today … don’t have my tab book yet but can’t wait so today I did a simple search to see what there is to slow things down…this cracks me up it is so easy. It’s free to use unless you want to go below 50% of the speed. Very easy to use just drop the link in and go.

I use Anytune and Transcribe. Both are great.


Also, Ben Eller uses some plugin is his DAW, can’t recall the name though. But he demonstrates in the video he did about the Tornado of souls solo

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I haven’t used any of these tools, but I’ll give them a go! I usually play live or playthrough videos on Youtube half speed, so I can see the notes, picking patterns, etc. It also helps me to figure out the tuning of the song quickly.

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