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So as I mentioned in another thread, I started reading up on the harmonic series after the first live session with Kiko on Monday and found a very cool site explaning it. So I thought that maybe we could have a space on here where we collect useful links, papers, sites, videos etc for further reference.

So here’s the one I found on the harmonic series:


Good idea.
Wow that really gets deep into it and awesome content, a good read!!

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Nice! Thank you, very cool idea

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That’s a great idea indeed, keep the links coming!

So weird. When I was ooking for info on the harmonic series exactly when I was watching Kiko’s live, I stepped into that article as well!

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Today as I was doing my usual pre-work eartraining routine I started to wonder why we call the Perfect Fourth “perfect”, when I can definitely hear a kind of wavering/beating effect that I usually associate with imperfect intervals.

I started to look into this and found this:

I like this explanation as well

Also, what are you doing for ear training? I’ve been using EarMaster recently.

Ah, Adam Neely! I saw this vid pop up in search results yesterday, but somehow I don’t like his videos… :frowning: I really don’t know why, he’s seems like a super nice guy, astonishing knowledge of music, great conent… I guess the way he presents his stuff just doesn’t jibe with me. :confused: But I will watch this during my breakfast break!

For eartraining I use a phone app called Complete Ear Trainer. Not free, they ask a few dollars for it. I had Earmaster on my PC. Liked it but wanted someting for my Android phone and this is what I settled for. It’s mainly for convenience: I can use it while havin’t lunch, waiting in the car, squatting… :wink: And the app doesn’t let you peek ahead, you have to achieve a certain score to be able to advance to next chapters.


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