The discussion option under the lessons is cool, but

…it could use some tweaking.

Unless I am completely misssing something, there is no possibility of editing or removing my own posts. For example I made a comment under one of the lessons answering a fellow student’s question in which I made a huge mistake, making my answer confusing and untrue. Thankfully I checked back and spotted the mistake, but I couldn’t edit the post, so I had to answer to my own post to state the mistake, which will hopefully be read by everyone reading the initial comment that contains the mistake.

Is there a way to make this happen? Or is this on purpose due to the “school” nature of the discussion?


Hey, I know what you mean, @fabianprado mentioned the same thing a few days ago.
The idea is to move all the comments from the course pages into this forum. We would still display any replies under the course video and copy existing comments as well (so no comment will be lost). But the discussion will be happening here with a better set of editing/formatting features.
There’s still some tech hurdles to make the jump but this is on top of the list.