Tapping/Day at the beach/satriani

Learnt this (kinda) when I was a teen. Friends started posting tunes during lockdown. got me out of my comfort zone and I did this. Just wanted it on show and tell but I still don’t know how this works lol.


Good stuff! :slight_smile: Not so long ago Kiko posted a tapping challenge on his channel. Initially I wanted to do it, but had to realize that it is too far away from my comfort zone…:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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cheers @nexion218 Cheers nexion! Been dabbling with that tune for years but never video’d it. Though my nerves made me speed up so much lol. Learning to relax now. :slight_smile:
Just doing the modes shapes (for a year!) has totally made me play better.

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Nicely performed. Looks like tapping hammer on and pull offs to the open strings. Might try to use that technique

What kinda Ibenez?

How’s the distortion?


No hammer-on or pull-offs to open strings. All notes tapped. (neck sock to mute)

cheap Ibanez RG hardtail. 2015 maybe.

audio into Logic on mac.

Appreciate brendyc

Are you 2 finger tapping?

Working on my tapping as well