Shredneck Tremblock

Hi everyone! :slight_smile: Have you tried using this product?
Will this work on Ibanez AZ prestige? Thanks!

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On another forum I frequent there are some guys using it and liking it. For Floyds, that is. :slight_smile: As I’ve said in your other thread about changing strings on a floating trem, I just go one string at a time and if I work on the frets or board, I just take the whole thing out. :wink:


For the AZ bridge you just need a plastic card, like an ID, a bank card, etc. EZ-PZ!


Only thing to use is the Tremol-No in my opinion.
It is rock solid and super non evasive to install.

Plus when you want to use the floyd you still can with a turn of a thumb screw.
Lock it for hard tail or even dive bomb only mode (no up pull on trem)

I’ve used it on my jackson SL-1 for over 15 years its solid. Also support is solid too I’ve talked to someone there and there very responsive as well.

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Like me, I go one string at time, ma next time I would like to clean the fretboard, so I’ll have tu use something similar

Umm yeah that’s not for that exactly…When tuning i put it back in float and just cut the the strings off. That would be alot of tension on that piece.

This is to turn a floating floyd into a solid fixed bridge/dive only/or float. Depends on your mode that day. It absolutely increases sustain and plays like a fixed bridge when locked.

One string at a time changes work but once you learn how to man handle a floyd you can setup anything.

Someone posted this video but here it is again Ben explains it perfectly…