Shred for Jason Becker fundraiser with Herman Li, Kiko and Tosin

Hey, in case you guys didn’t see it, Herman Li is hosting live streams with other players on his twitch channel as part as a fundraiser for the great Jason Becker.

@Kiko and Tosin Abasi will be special guests this Friday April 16th at 1PM PT, 4PM ET, 9PM UK!


“Late”? I almost spit out my coffee when seeing your email, I couldn’t understand I how I had missed his passing!
But then I checked out his homepage, and there is no mention of his death, Herman seems to do a fundraiser for a very living man, thank god! :slight_smile:

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Ah… that’s an English as a second language mistake on my side… i fixed the post, thank you @peter.azp.

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That’s very nice on Herman’s part. I’ve been contemplating getting some Jason Becker merch and after seeing that he’s been hospitalized I felt that now is the perfect time to show some support, so some t-shirts and picks are already on their way.:slight_smile:

I remember the first time I heard his album, I was so amazed that I started calling him Jesus Becker :rofl: