Seven Factors Followup

Hey guys! I was just wondering how everyone is doing on their guitar hacks or Seven Factors?

I’m on Lesson 14 Chapter 3-Seventh. I still feel that I’m in the “I’m learning and memorizing these shapes and patterns but I have yet to still form a proper song or riff”. Does that mean I’m not really focusing on composing music and it’s more of a personal thing or will it just click eventually? I haven’t looked too far into the seven factors course because I want to go at a pace where it doesn’t overwhelm me. There are even times when I go back because I feel I haven’t worked on certain exercises long enough or the fear of forgetting it.

Also, does this course also help with chord progressions and how to structurally compose music? Thanks guys!

I haven’t started the Seven Factor course yet. Actually for the same reasons that you give near the end of your comment.
But as for the composing music part… I’m sure it will “just click eventually”. :wink:

I think you need to try it between practice sessions… I know that’s usually when I come up with riffs and creative stuff. It’s when I’m not really practicing.

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Understanding music and modes is not directly connected to being able to compose. You might write great riffs without knowing anything about music.
Although I do believe knowing music and feeling confortable with shapes and scales will make your life easier and you will feel more confident to create.
Remeber that before the internet a teacher would give you at least one or two weeks time for you memorize ONE shape… So take your time. The course is not a movie to watch in few hours. it’s your guide and help to discover the modes, and this takes time, months or maybe years ( I still discover cool things about the modes after so many year playing them)


I will take this to heart Kiko. Thanks again!

I often go back to watch the previous lessons, in order to enhance my impression and use it someday. Like Kiko said, it takes time, so I don’t hurry to watch all the courses.