RIP Eddie Van Halen

Did you hear the news? Eddie left us. A legend is gone. the world of music is sad.:sleepy:


Yes @Arnaud-Godefroy is very sad and stunning. I “woke up” to guitar and music in many ways with Van Halen. My brother made a cassette tape of his solos all spliced together when I was a teenager. No one like Eddie. Was magical. To me He had his own well that he tapped from musically in many ways. Will miss him. Thankful to be alive during his times. RIP Eddie Van Halen. Prayers to the family.


Strangely, I was thinking about Van Halen this morning while still in bed. Heard the news just a couple of minutes ago and was sad to hear it. Eddie was one of those extremely passionate guitar players that changed the world of modern rock forever. Who cares if he didn’t invent tapping and “just” popularized it ? His passionate and somewhat “over-the-top” style of guitar playing made him a reference point and influence for so many guitar players… Just like a Jimi Hendrix, a Jimmy Page or an Angus Young did in their days.
R. I. P. Mr. Van Halen


Such an incredible amount of influence from one person…
Rest in piece.

One of the greatest guitarists ever. :metal:


#RIP His legacy will stay forever. I was so sad to hear the news. We should talk about Eddie and his guitar techniques and compositions this Sunday on the GuitarHacks Live


Great news…i can’t wait.

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That’s a great idea,