RIP Alexi Laiho of children of bodom

Great guitar player. Music style incorporates thrash, metal and neo classical. Definitely a loss to soon.


Yup! I don’t really listen to death metal until I’ve heard Children of Bodom. It makes the genre more accessible and enjoyable for me. Alexi Laiho is also a really talented and gifted songwriter. I remember listening and trying to learn his songs, I was surprised on how he phrases his riffs and licks. Maybe my favorite albums from him were Follow the Reaper, Hate Crew Deathroll and Are You Dead Yet?

He also genuinely loves music. I remember they have a concert here in the Philippines and only, more or less, 20 people had attended. Despite of this, they’ve still given a really good show like performing for a thousand of people. Definitely a big loss.

In fact, he was one of my favorite guitarists. I had the chance to see them once a couple of years ago when they played in Luxembourg.
I was pretty upset when I heard about his untimely death. So sad!