Racer X / Paul Gilbert Tone

Hi guys!

Any idea what effects to use to get the Racer X-ish tone? :slight_smile:
I wanted to cover the song Technical Difficulties by Racer X.

Thank you :slight_smile:

For a Racer X-ish tone (and heavy on the β€œish”) then you’ll want a metal distortion sound that kind of bridges the line between being tight and a little fuzzy. You will also want to dial the gain to a point where even picking really lightly (which I tend to need to do to play Pablo Gilberto stuff) it sounds powerful, without going crazy overboard with the gain. If you want his exact tone, your best bet is his signature JHS pedal and maybe a Marshall or nice Laney or something British style that takes distortion/overdrive well. Paul Gilbert specifically used to use Laney GH100L amps. I think nowadays he uses Marshalls. Hope this helps.