Question for Kiko about signature guitar


I noticed in post american world youtube playthrough your red guitar looks scalloped on the upper frets but looking into your signature model looks like no scallop. Is there an option for scallop fret board? Looking for scalloped guitar just cant filter on it from most resellers.

To me it looks like the Kiko10 has no scallops and the Kiko100 has scallops. I’m guessing that that the Kiko100 is the higher tier model.

Thanks Nexion,

I’m able to a few kiko100’s on reverb. Just weird not able to see on, zzounds, sweetwater, musicianfriend. Maybe Kiko is coming out with new model?

Yeah, I saw it too that on many sites they say it’s not available… They might be coming up with a new model or maybe it’s a problem of supplies. If it’s the latter, I remember @kiko offering help on here for someone to track down a Kiko model, so maybe not all is lost! :wink:

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As far as I know, only the prestige version has scallops. But I also want to know why Ibanez’s website doesn’t show the prestige version, because I’d like to buy Kiko 10BP prestige.
I have only seen Kiko use it so far :laughing:

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