Private Live with Kiko on June 19th 2021

Guitar Hackers,

I hope you’re all doing great and spending quality time with your guitars (and loved ones) :slight_smile:

We continue the tradition, Kiko will be hosting another private live only for Guitar Hacks paying members this Saturday, June 19th at 2:30PM EDT (11:30AM PDT, 8:30PM CEST).

Notice that we’re starting half an hour later than usual! :clock1230:

Kiko will pick the top 3 or 5 most liked questions in this topic to cover during the live. So ask away!


Can you discuss percussive rythm type playing (alla Nuno Bettencourt) and maybe give us a few excercises for us to train? Thanks much!

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Introducing new techniques into our improvisation.

I’ve noticed that when I sit down and write solos or riffs I tend to incorporate a multitude of different techniques and influences that I’ve gathered under my belt in my guitar learning journey, while when I try to improvise, I always tend to lean towards my comfortable bag of tricks that just don’t feel that satisfying to me anymore.

How do we tackle this issue? and introduce all these vast elements into our guitar improvisation comfort zone?


What are some of your approaches to writing time signature or rhythm changes?


I feel obliged to repeat the question of @Aram , because he has asked this many times before but never made the cut:

Tips and excercises for the use of whammy bar. Not thinking about Dimebag squeals or Herman Li noises, but the ways of using it in musical, dare I say Kiko-like way. :wink:

Also, a lesson in figuring out time signatures would be great, but perhaps I should repeat this for another occasion… :slight_smile:


I’ve recorded on my loop-pedal some root tones A - B - G - F etc. to play under the modes while I learn. Can you suggest some really ‘musical’ shifts to help me understand key’s and the modes while doing this? sometimes I get stuck in 1 key

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Hi Kiko,
Please discuss and give some examples of methods to improve playing clean with muting string noise with fingers of the fretting hand, using fingertips on adjacent strings, etc. Palm muting helps but is often not enough. Will be traveling on Saturday and bummed to miss your live chat but hope to view later on a replay. So looking forward to seeing you at JP3.0 (signed up back in 2019!) and so happy that you will be there!!

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Hi guys, hi Kiko,

One of my last questions that I raise again: about Legato, is there any minimal moves exercices? I feel that I have to pull off far too much to reach an higher speed and I feeling tired really quickly too.
Most probably my pull-off technic is bad/weak :slight_smile:

See you on Saturday.



Thanks, man!

I honestly decided to quit on it. At least two times was one of the most voted suggestions yet it never went through, so I decided to give up. Same with tremolo picking exercises.



Hi everyone

my questions are :

  1. Do you uses Konacoll or something else to count. (For example eDm start on a group of 5 ( Bsus2 five times) doted eight notes; a group of 6 doted eight notes etc… and finally a group of three eight note.)
  2. About modes, in the middle of an improvisation do you think the note you play compared to the tonic of the mode you use ( lydian shape for example: i m playing A so it is the third of F lydian) or compared to the fundamental of the scale ( i m playing A so it is the major sixth of C ionian)
    Thank you for all vidéos and for what you have done for help us to improve our skills

Hi Kiko, and hope you enjoyed a fab birthday! Apologies I have been quiet, I was unwell for a while, back on track now. I will not be able to attend on Saturday as have something pre-booked but can watch the replay hopefully.

My question is, when you were learning guitar, what solos did you find most challenging to play and how did you overcome the challenges. Did you feel you HAD to learn them note for note, or did you feel satisfied putting your own style into them and maybe changing or tweaking a few licks. Just interested to hear. Hopefully catch you on a live soon dude! Keep up the great work! All the best, much love Jon x

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How can we integrate jazz elements into the different modes we have studied? Thank you Kiko!


Link in email and on this page, ! See you soon,