Private Live with Kiko on January 16th

Guitar Hackers,

I hope your year has been going great so far!

It’s about to get better in any case as Kiko will be hosting the first private live of the year for Guitar Hacks paying members this Saturday, Jan 16th at 2PM EST (11AM PST, 8PM CET).

As usual, Kiko will pick the top 3 or 5 most liked questions in this topic to cover during the live. So ask away!


I remember @Aram had a pretty highly voted topic about using the whammy bar, so let’s me start with that one:


TLDR: A composition class exemplifying a bit of the process of composing a song, maybe talking a bit about structure or maybe just giving us some tips like you do on Thursday Live streams on your channel, would go a long way in helping us connect with our creative side.

Long version

I was wondering about your approach to composition. A lot of your music, mainly in Angra, is my favorite of all time and I wonder: how did those pieces come to be?

In the Hybrid Picking video you showed how practicing a pattern by improvising the harmony can end up turning into my favorite part of Sertão and I wonder, is that how that part came to be? Is it while practicing and fooling around that you end up finding ideas that makes you go “huh, that’s cool”? And more importantly, how do you turn those seeds of music into a full-blown composition?

In that same video video you mention that everyone can be creative and that the more confident you are in yourself as a musician the easier it is to connect with your creativity, and how improving one’s technique and knowledge can help with that. I think a more direct lesson exemplifying the composition process might give us a bit more knowledge and thus confidence about the process, which is completely alien for me right now, and help many of us switch from being only interpreters to also being composers.

In fact I think it’s such a good idea for a video that it should probably be saved for a strong Thursday stream in order to reach a wider audience. After all, technique and knowledge helps us play, but it’s the compositions that endure throughout the centuries.


I’m wondering if Kiko would be interested in talking about how to use a modal scale in improvisation. For example, I have a major or minor backing track, I was trying to use a modal scale to add some flavor. How do I choose a mode and how I’m gonna deal with notes outside of my key and still sound good? Thanks a lot.


I would love to hear about improvisation in a fusion context,
what are his favorites scales, licks, playing in/out ect.
That’s one of the most interesting topic that I would like the ear about!


Yes same need here, I’m saving a lot of ideas on tape, but I’m not so good as putting all these into a song that would make sense.


I would like to learn more about capturing ideas and turning them in to compositions. I struggle to create a vision for a song.


Hi~ I think I am just a beginner in learning the guitar. At the last part of the practice, you have told us to be open and creative. However, as a beginner we usually limited by our skills and speed when we are playing or creating something new. Therefore, do you have any advice for the beginner ? I feel hard in the “creative and opening “part and seem don’t have much feelings to the music in the last part of the exercise.


Thanks! I completely agree with your last statement. I certainly will be happy to show the creative part.
I can breakdown some parts of Sertão.


Hey to everybody,
I’m new here and I’d love to take part in tomorrow’s live session. When does it start and how can I join?


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Hey Dennis,

You will get an e-mail with the link shortly before Kiko goes live and usually @Giorgio posts the link here too.


Hi Dennis, yes like @nexion218 said, you will receive a reminder email tomorrow and a link to join the live!


Hey @Giorgio, Does this apply to everyone who got the first email or just those who replied here?

Great idea, or how to cross through those modes.

It applies to everyone who got the email!

OK, link sent via email and it’s also in the live page over here:

See you sin 5 minutes,

Thank you for covering this Kilo. I was unable to watch the live session this time but did watch the replay.

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