Playing the solo of a self written song

Hi there,
this is the solo of a song I wrote before I started with guitarhacks. Since then I really improved my playing, thanks Kiko (and Giorgio for the awesome website!).
Of course it looks more or less easy playing on the video but I was practicing it pretty hard before I recorded it in Feb this year.

Has a few key changes in it. Will be a nice song when it’s finished! Hopefully.


Good stuff! Your solo is very cool; great use of melody to ask questions and then give the perfect answers.

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Thanks very much!

I know, it is not perfectly played, some parts are slobby. I’ll have to record that again.

Before Guitarhacks I didn’t practice for hours a day, which I’ve been doing for the last three months and surely will continue doing. So some things I just wasn’t able to play better to be honest.

Now I found some good musicians to form a band and I’m practising all my songs in order to be able to perform them live doing lead guitar and vocals.

I’m very grateful to have found this course and can only say, that the right way of practising makes a huge difference. It is like one of these things - when you get to know it you say “Yes, of course, it is logical to do it like that”, but you should not forget, that you did not develop that thing by yourself.

Some things are just easier to learn when they are brought to you than to figure them out by yourself.

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Great solo and great composition. It really has that song-within-a-song quality that makes solos stand out.

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Great mate. I love your sound !

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