Pickup recommendations

Good evening all! I hope you are all keeping well.

I am having a Luthier build me a guitar and was wondering what people recommendations for pickups would be.

The music I like is metal / Rock so a pickup setup that based around this ideally.

Many thanks for your help with this.

All the best

John :love_you_gesture::guitar:

Hey John,

What about a JB/59? Thatโ€™s a pretty versatile and classic combo covering a lot of grounds. I also paired the JB with a Sentient with grest results, as I found the 59 in certain situations a bit honky for my tastes. Thr Sentient is fairly hot for a neck pup and rather modern sounding, but definitely a great and underrated one.

I also found the DiMarzio Imperiums a really versatile set. It came in a 7string, but they offer a 6string version said to be voiced identically. Medium output, splits kinda nice but when cranking the gain it shines even in death metal while retaining clarity and note separation. Also it is a quite modern sounding set to my ears, if that matters.

All that being said, if it was my build, Iโ€™d might go with a time tested classic set like JB/59. That is a good starting point without exotic features. One less variable while getting to know your new axe. Then you can decide if you need a bit more output, tightness, more lows, less mids, etc and go from there. A lot depends on the rest of your gear and of course your taste. Some people shit on the JB, I love it. The only reason it came out of the guitar is that I found a Nazgul on the cheap and wanted to try it in a set with the Sentient I had. Oh, I almost forgot the Duncan Distortion set! :upside_down_face:

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The best recommendation I can give to you is to send an email to any pickup builder of your choice, tell them what you have and what you want to achieve.

They will help you more than any of us recommending you our favourite pickups.