Nothing To Say - ANGRA - Full Cover

Hi everyone,

I have been working on this collab for a while now and finally got it done. I am joined by my friend Florian Lagoutte on bass (Chris Holmes bass player) and Jon Crowder (Utilitarian/Petrichor/Ey Maiden) on Andre Matos duties! This was challenging for sure!


Great !! Congrats for this ! Really challenging song ! I loooove that riff… but so fast :scream:

I love the voice of your singer :ok_hand: don’t know his bands you mentionned, I’ll check…

@Shoi What a f… fantastic job… you nailed it!! :metal: :metal: :metal:
As @CarolineVanRoos mentioned, that riff is awesome but even with the @kiko explaination in one of his video… the speed and control are so hard to reach.

Awesome job and your partners too!!


Thanks Caroline for the kind words. That riff drove me insane you have no idea, a really difficult one of to execute for sure.

Thanks Greg, yeah that riff gave me nightmares lots of practice, i sort of hated Kiko for that period of time hahah ! And also the Rafael’s solo was a challenge too.