No Gravity - 7Factor Progress

Here we go again Lads!

Haven’t done a vid in some time and since I strained my right hand a bit a few weeks back and it’s still not 100%, I decided to take it easy with the weekend practice.

Spent about and hour with the backing track, stole two licks from @kiko for the motif part ( :nerd_face: ) and improvised the rest (as evidenced by several mistakes).

By the way sorry for the video and sound quality… The recording itself is pretty decent quality (SM57 into a Clarett 2 Pre into Cubase 11), but I need to invest into a proper video editing software and a pair of reference speakers (already putting some funds aside for a pair of Focal Shape 50s). When I change the camera audio for the recorded ones the free software I use now makes a horrible job at conversion and introduces all kinds of distrotion that is not present in the original recording, especially in the lower frequencies. So if it sounds way too thin, it because I EQ’d some some lower frequencies to reduce distortion. Or maybe I should try recording in OBS and maybe avoid the need to to change the audio? I’ll look into that!


You rock my dude! we should jam together sometimes!
I got a pretty gnarly setup for recording and playing over Zoom and Discord, would be glad to show you and discuss :slight_smile:

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Thanks man! I thought I had a pretty decent setup too (which I still think) for recording, but despite the playback system being an awesome sounding one (a JVC amp from the last century with Sharp speakers), it is useless for music production. My software skills mae it even worse… :rofl:

Yeah, well a Guitar Hacks song would be awesome. Somethung like the shred collab of Jared Dines.


Agreed to this idea! We should jam too!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Good job man, nice sound

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:pray: :blush: If you would’ve shown me the audio of this 3-4 years ago (or even a year ago, before I started @kiko’s courses) and told me that this is me, basically improvising and uploading it to yootoob and Kiko Loureiro’s website, I either would’ve sent you to see a doctor or I would’ve asked you to share the stuff you’re smoking. :rofl:

Amazing what good pedagogy can achieve!