NGD! ESP LTD Arrow 1000

Been searching for this guitar for a couple of months but it was back ordered everywhere, saw that sweetwater had one and jumped on it immediately. It arrived today, already played 3 hours with it and I’m in love with this beauty. Pictures don’t do the finish justice and I just missed having a V so much. After playing with a super strat for several years this is such a breath of fresh air for my hands.

Here’s a pic!

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Hell yeah! Vs for the VVin! :wink:

It’s real nice from ESP/LTD that they put the hot rodded Floyd with the stainless steel screws on these models.

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I agree, it’s become my favorite looking guitar I’ve owned from a purely aesthetic perspective.

I was looking at arrow 401 or black metal. Glad to know 1000 is solid. Maybe I’ll pick ip once I recover from being laid off beginning of year