Need for centralized repository for live stream w/ Kiko

Hi Giorgio,

currently tracking past live streams from Kiko is extremely difficult as these are spread across the entire platform with very poor consistency. What I figured out so far is that live videos are:

  1. In the Private Live section on the course dashboard
  2. In the Complete Guitar Workout Strategy - Live with Kiko section
  3. In some blog page linked in the weekly emails

Category 1. is what I like the most because they are very quickly accessible.
I don’t really see the point of category 2. since the videos are public on YouTube anyway, regardless whether they are pitched to paying members first in the course area.
Videos in category 3. are seemingly solely linked in the weekly emails. This has me go complete bananas when I have to search the platform high and low only to find that the video is linked in a page that I can only access if I keep (and find!) an old weekly email. I saw that all topics from category 3. are also reported in a dedicated forum thread, but the thread contains no link to the YT video. Please, change this!

Cheers nonetheless for the great platform.



Hi Jacks, thanks for this feedback!
Indeed, we need an index of the lives, very good point.

For Category 3, the Thursday public lives is something new and the idea to write a blog post for each was kind of improvised to get feedback from the community to see if that was useful. I think the feedback has been very positive so we’re going to structure that better moving forward.

On Category 2, these lives are not listed publicly on youtube, they are private and only watchable if you have the link. We remove the youtube link and replace them with a “Guitar Hacks hosted” video over time as we upload them.

Category 2 existed before we had two courses (7 Factor was added in the summer), I should probably move all the lives from there to the dedicated Private Live section on the course dashboard. So we don’t have that Category anymore.

Let me think about that a bit more but I think that’s the framework,


Alrighty, thanks for the prompt reply. It would be great to have category 1 and 2 merged into one, nonetheless. If I’m a paying customer and log into my private area, I will find all past private and public live streams there (maybe split into two sub categories).

Looking forward to being able to browse the Thursday live streams somewhere. I really like the idea of focused live streams (down picking, that was huge for me, hybrid picking, etc.) and I would like to revisit them like I do with lessons.

Keep up the good work.


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