Mixolydian(ish) Ear Pollution

DISCLAIMER: In case you hear wrong or out of tune notes, bad timing or anything deviating from perfect, that’s not my fault, it’s my gear. I wasn’t using the proper Neural DSP plugins and I forgot which is the pick @kiko uses… :upside_down_face:

OK, so joking aside, I tried improvising again… This time around I chose to butcher and mangle the Mixolydian mode. I did so with one special provision: absolutely no fast runs, try to make your notes count, don’t cover up your lack of knowledge and experience with a meaningless torrent of notes.

Well, you be the judge. No fast runs: check. Making the notes count: meeeeeh… It sounds like something , hopefully mixolydian. :smiley: Could be much better. :confused: It’s pretty obvious I’ve had no idea what I was doing, some notes I was kinda afraid to pick until I heard whether it was OK or not… :smiley:


Thanks for putting yourself out there! There are no wrong notes just bend em til its right.
Scary to be a musician always wondering how you will be judged…Do you :slight_smile: sounds good to me

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