\Megadeth/ "Tornado of Souls" Riff~Life 💜

I just thought I’d share my progress and practice of this awesome song. I know its very rough around the edges but I’m trying to bring it together. I am also thinking about the lyrics while I am trying to play and incorporate some of the picking techniques that I learned here from Guitar Hacks. The inside and outside alternate picking concepts really helped out here especially in the solo section. I know the tabs from which I am reading are close but not quite true. I will look for some other resources. Listening to the song and watching Kiko and Marty’s version of playing really helped me out the most!

I keep reverting back to my down picking unfortunately. I will stay close to it and be next to it and soon I will be away from my bad habits. My hands are still very sore from working on a carpentry project for my father. I am slowly regaining my hand. I have to finish up my guitar practice and ten songs on my set list today. My local venues around here are starting to open back up and I have a lot of work to do.

I am also working on a new cover from Metallica called “Blackened” And Yes Yes, with all this chaos going on in this world I think its time to color our word "Blackened’. :wink:

Best Regards to Everyone and Happy Practicing!



Great job my friend! Tornado of souls is no joke, it’s a tough song… especially that solo (particularly the second half of it)you’ve got it sounding good so far. I’m sure you’ll have perfection in no time.

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Not too bad for one week… I’m about to get back together with a very old school friend of mine very soon. He’s an awesome drummer and played these kind of songs since the mid 80’s.

Were gonna kill it brotha! :wink::purple_heart:

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Btw I apologize, thank you very much brother :purple_heart:

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Yeah! Really awesome @Frisco_Sensing! Pretty good job on the solo as well to the point where you stopped! I would need to practice that hard!
My Megadeth cover was much easier than your pick! You did really great!

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That’s awesome! I’ve never attempted a Megadeth tune and I think it’s about time I try.


I admit it needed some work and I rushed to get it together. I have since improved on this song. I apologise for taking so long in getting back with you. I think your a pretty talented guitar player yourself and I think your awesome. Keep up the good work and Thank you Brotha! :wink:

Riff~Life :purple_heart:

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