Kiko releases 3rd song from Open Source album

A couple days ago, Kiko, released the 3rd song from his upcoming Open Source album. If you haven’t heard it, check it out. I really like it and I believe it’s my favorite of what has been released. I’m looking forward to the complete album.


I love all of the three singles, but this one is my favoutite, too. It really moves me.
Can’t wait for July 10th!


I really dig the vibe of this song, the full album is going to be awesome based off these 3 singles!


I agree, this album is going to be Epic!
I shared these songs with my musician friends on 4th of July and they were blown away.

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That’s a good one bro. I like all the music he put out on that album. I really love “Vital Signs” and “Dream Like”. Running with the Bulls is pretty awesome too. I particularly love the concept of the Hybrid picking and the use of the 8 string guitar…

Running with the Bulls is such a Masterpiece in my opinion! Go Ho, Kiko! :metal::black_heart::metal: :ox::water_buffalo::ox:

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