Joint pain in the fingers

Hello there!

Around a month ago I started experiencing pain in two fingers from my fretting hand after a long playing session. This has been on going since then. The pain comes from the joints.

I just went to the doctor and it doesn’t seem to be arthritis. She thinks they will heal with time and care, she gave me some exercises. She also recommended me asking other fellow guitarists and teachers about their experience with this.

Have any of you experienced some kind of pain like this and how have you dealt with it?

Thank you.

Hi Aram, I’ve experienced sometimes a little ailment in joints of fretting hand and I’ve solved incorporating more dynamic excercises to lubricate the joints in my stretches before playing.
Here’'s a routine I’ve found very useful:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I haven’t experienced any joint pain so I have little to offer aside from being sympathetic and supportive. I hope the exercises help and the pain goes away quickly.


Thank you for the kind words!


Thank you so much! I genuinely appreciate it! :slight_smile:


Hi Aram, I experimented the same problems short after I start using Kiko’s method to play intense every day. My guess was that was just fatigue, so I starting to put more attention on my stretching and warm up before play, an started to do stretching also after play. Besides, when the pain was too intense I took a day to rest.

With time, the pain decreased (although it comes back when I play too much or skip stretching :p), so I can say you that, like any part of your body that you regular exercise, be careful, make right stretching and warm up, and “listen to your body” to rest if you need.

Very useful video @lauram.bonini, thanks!


Just as Fabian said!

I fortunately didn’t experience pain from playing, but from intense works in the garden. The orthopedist just smiled and said that it is normal of the body to react to unknown/untrained situations. He x-rayed and everything was fine. The pain went away and never came back.

You should just carefully try to find out, why it’s just those fingers and check how you use them differently from the other fingers that don’t hurt! Warm up properly, relax, try to find the trigger that makes it worse!

And stay calm! The human body is flexible and takes a lot! I’m sure it is nothing serious!

Good luck and get well soon!

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You and probably squeezing too hard. I would take a week off then try lighter gauge strings, and even a lighter pick. Classical seated position might help as well. Try not to let your fingers touch the wood of the fretboard, the string only touches the fret. Think light touch and minimal pressure. Also, take breaks every 15 minutes or so. Listen to your body.

I’m a fairly new to guitar so I still remember my very early problems with using far too much pressure to fret notes. My fingers would be sore on the tips and the joints and my wrist was always sore.

The more I relaxed the less sore I was. If you’re having joint pain and it’s not arthritis, it’s likely too heavy of a grip on the neck and pressing too hard to fret the notes. Watch Kiko’s light touch lesson. It’s a great way to re-train yourself to play with the minimum amount of finger pressure. It helped me immensely.

Hopefully it sorts itself out in a few days!

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Yes, I agree with @michael_s and @clomusic and others in this thread. Kiko’s light touch lesson helped me immensely as well.


Yes, I’ve been paying a lot of attention there.

Thing is, besides all, it was a very bending-intense session. I’m changing to a lighter string gauge as well.

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