Join me in Celebrating our first Shredders @alexanderrobert, @tark2112 and @theherd

Hey Everyone,

Here at GuitarHacks, we want to build an awesome, thriving community of guitarists. As part of this, we want to celebrate people who go above and beyond in their participation and help!

Well, we have created a few different levels for levels of participation. The first level is ‘Strummer’, then there is ‘Shredder’, next is ‘Rock Star’, and then finally we have ‘Guitar God’. I am thrilled to announce that @alexanderrobert, @tark2112 and @theherd are our very first entrants into the ‘Sweeper’ club!

As part of this, the 3 of them get this killer badge:

And they will receive an exclusive Guitar Hacks shredder t-shirt in the mail :slight_smile:

Again thanks so much to @alexanderrobert, @tark2112 and @theherd and please everyone, give them a pat on the back. :slight_smile:



Woot! Definitely the coolest project I’ve been a part of. Thanks!


Great idea !! to get levels suddenly you have to participate a lot on the forums if I understand correctly!


Congrats you three!!! :clap::clap::clap: :+1::blush:


Sweet!!! It’s great to be acknowledged but I really just want this community to grow. I think it’s a really good thing that most other groups/sites don’t have… A true common goal of everyone working to improve their playing skill and sharing the journey. There will always be people at different skill levels along the way, some beginners and some that could be professional if they were in the right place at the right time. I’ve always looked at playing guitar as I’m at a skill level that others are either at, working to reach, or have already been there…and if you’re better than me, it’s ok, I’ll get there and you inspire and motivate me to keep digging. Everyone being supportive of each other is a really cool thing.


Congrats, @alexanderrobert, @tark2112 and @theherd - well deserved! Our community is small and growing, and your participation is helping to create an environment where everyone can become killer guitarists. :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!


I am so stoked!! I feel like I need to practice an extra hour today!


That’s so true, I couldn’t say it better, sometimes guitarists thinks it’s a competition but it’s really not and we should all help each other out.

Hehe, that’s the spirit!

Thanks again guys for your support and for helping build this community.


What a great idea! Fastastique


I just received my t-shirt, It’s awesome! Thank you, @Giorgio, and anyone else that may deserve credit for making it happen. I’ll be wearing it with pride.


Great !!!
I look forward to mine !!! :grin:


Awesome, @theherd thank you and I am happy you received it!!!
Can you share a picture??


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Giorgio, Just for my information why the term shredder was removed from our nickname ? and where is Jono, does not hear anymore on this forum !! :thinking::sob:


That’s still a mystery to me, can you try to click on your picture at the top right, then your username, go to preferences. Can you select Shredder as a title?

@jono has been busy but he’s not gone!

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Looking good @theherd !


Awesome guys!!
Its good inspiration!!

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Will these (or any other merch) be available in the future for others too? Not for free of course but like after having earned the badge then getting a “secret” link to it to avoid anyone else having aside from those who have earned it. Could even be a different color to distinguish from the OG Shredders.

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Cool ! It works !! :grin:
Thanks Giorgio !

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Yes, that’s the plan, I want people to be able to order by themselves so no need to manage shipping addresses :slight_smile: And give coupons to the people who reach the right trust level.
There’s a beta of the store here if you guys want to take a look: