Jam with Kiko - Overflow

Just uploaded my video to Kiko’s jam.

Since I’m a singer, It thought, I could write some lyrics and sing to it…

Hope, you enjoy it though it is not perfect. We’re here to learn…


Very cool !! I love your voice !! Great :heart_eyes:


Very cool indeed, love your solo at the beginning and great voice!


Thats really rad! Nice job.


Great job! Listening to your voice, I bet you could nail some Iron Maiden songs!


Thank you all very much! I really appreciate it!! :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

@theherd I like to practice to sing Maiden sometimes. But many songs are in original tune too high for me! :smile:
Because my singing voice is relatively low I can power in relatively low tunes. That’s why it sounds like that.


Wow !! Congrats I really love it ! Amazing voice and Nice vibrato with your chest voice !



That’s very creative, and it sounds great.
Congratulations, it’s awesome you put lyrics in there.


Thank you @CarolineVanRoos!
I used to sing differently years ago - more “mustainish/pressed)”. Then I “recognised” (don’t know, it just happened) that kind of singing on the last song I recorded for my album (Burning For You).

I know that there are a lot of singers who sing that way. The best is: It is no effort to sing like that! :wink:

Thank you @LouieL7, I thought it would just be the best thing, that I could do with this opportunity Kiko gave us!
I never had problems writing songs and lyrics. And it gets easier when you work on good stuff!

Playing and recording guitar to a song of Kiko on the other hand showed me my big weaknesses in my guitar playing more than clearly! It was an eye-opener! :astonished:
Spent the whole evening yesterday desperatly trying to find a better sound and I realized that I really need to work harder on my technique!

So it was another good lesson from Kiko! :smile:

Man, I couldn’t figure out the video editor to merge my video.

But here is a little clip of my attempted improvisation of Overflow. I recently got an oscillator pedal and used it for that space-age effect in the beginning.


@LouieL7 Hey, that’s pretty cool!
I love your sound and your playing, pretty neat!

Here and there the timing is a bit behind, but maybe that’s because of the song running low in the background! So that would more be an audio recording setup thing! :grinning:

Great ideas in the solo! I like it! :+1:

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Thanks for the comments, Nils. I used to have a recording workstation setup with great monitors but haven’t had time to set it up. It is a challenging song, especially when I am tuned to E flat…lol.


@LouieL7 Hey Louie, sorry for my late reply!

Oh, yeah, I know that tech stuff can be really aweful sometimes!
I couldn’t deal with that either - I’m just too impatient! I need everything set up already, hit the rec button and go. Since I made my music room work like that, I’m much happier and the results when recording or writing are much better! It took longer and did cost more, eg. to really buy cables for everything in order to not have to use it for different setups.

If you don’t have a music room, maybe you can put together your equipment to have it at hand, when you need it? Eventually even in some kind of self build box?
A friend of mine is a sound tech and he always takes care that everything is at place and labelled (even where to plug which cable). I borrowed something once and it just worked without having to call him!

Now I’m labelling my stuff as well! :smile:

Just saw it for the first time. Awesome job, good voice, reminds me of early Rob Halford.

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@RonRobertson Wow! Big compliment!!! Thank you Ron! :grinning:

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Great job…some talent there.

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