I hate sweep picking😭😭

Hey folks!!! I need your help!!!
I feel i m stuck with sweep picking technique. Is not just a matter of improvement, this are slowly coming even if my right hand do his best to prevent it😂, the point is that non liking this technique it get boring doing the same exercise.

Now since i m planning to do at least 3 weeks of just sweep picking (i m stubborn as a mule) do you have any exercise/suggestion you are willing to share to prevent my last glimpse of sanity to fade in the sea of madness😂

Thanks in advance guys!!!



Here you go, this will keep you occupied for next decade or so…:wink:

This guy seems to have it tabbed out:

And then explained by The Man himself:

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I have a love and hate relationship with sweep picking. As a lefty at the beginning it was horrible for me…
I remember trying some phrases from Frank Gambale from his first instructional video.


Thanks a lot Cumpa​:wink: i have material for the next 20 years indeed :joy::joy::joy::metal::sunglasses:

@kiko i understand your feeling😂
So far i realized that 90% of my problem are related to the right hand and the rest. For that reason i come up with a 20 minutes workout only for the right hand i will test it and then share it here​:sunglasses::metal:
Anyway i will check if i can find those frank gambale video!!!
Thanks a lot Kiko :metal:

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yes! Remeber to isolate the hands. Play slowly only with the right hand controlling groups of 3- 4 -5 6 strings going up and down. That’s a good 10min start before playing the licks

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Thanks a lot @kiko i will do that right now since i m starting my practice right in that moment!:v::relaxed:
Thanks Maestro :pray: